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WordLift 2.0


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Technical Overview and RoadMap of WordLift 2.0, a Semantic Web plug-in for WordPress.

Table of Contents:
* Architecture Overview
* Functional Overview
* WordLift Plug-in
* WordLift Plug-in Dependencies
* WordLift End-Point
* WordLift Client-Side Protocol
* WordLift Server and Procotol
* Development Environment
* RoadMap
* Current State
* Product Backlog
* Hands-on
* Have Fun!
* Want to know more?

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WordLift 2.0

  1. 1. WordLift 2.0 A technical overviewDavid Riccitelli - Co-Founder @ziodave
  2. 2. Architecture Overview SERVER WordLift WordLift PLUG-IN Client-Side END-POINT Back-End Protocol ProtocolEditor
  3. 3. Functional OverviewThe WordLift Plug-in:● gathers the WordPress contents and● posts them to the WordLift End-Point for analysis.The WordPress End-Point:● requests AAA controls,● performs the analysis of the contents and● returns the results.The WordPress Server:● gathers usage information and● performs AAA controls.
  4. 4. WordLift Plug-inIts a WordPress Plug-in developed in the PHPlanguage and published on the WordPress site.● Language: PHP● Compatible with: WordPress 3.xIt depends on the:● WordPressFramework PLUG-IN● SchemaOrgFramework WordPress Framework SchemaOrg Framework
  5. 5. WordLift Plug-in Dependencies WordPressFrameworkAims to ease WordPress Plug-in development. SchemaOrgFramework Aims to provide a groundwork for PHPdevelopment of projects.
  6. 6. WordLift End-PointThe End-Point:● is developed in Java● runs with Apache Stanbol● is compliant with OSGi specifications● uses the Apache Felix OSGi container● provides an HTTP access point
  7. 7. WordLift Client-Side ProtocolThe client-side protocol:● enables communication between the plug-in and the end-point● is optimized for JavaScript clients and AJAX● is compatible with (uhm?)● will enable a layer of authentication Client-Side PLUG-IN Protocol END-POINT
  8. 8. WordLift Server and ProcotolThe WordLift Server will be developed in Java.It allows overall management of the platformincluding usage monitoring and account set-up.Back-End ProtocolThe protocol enablescommunications between theEnd-Point and the Server.
  9. 9. Development EnvironmentLanguages:● Java● PHPSpecifications:● OSGi● HTTP/REST/AJAX● schema.orgSoftware:● maven● eclipse● felix
  10. 10. RoadMap15 May 2012Current Alpha version online for demos30 May 2012Beta feature completeBeta testing begins12-13 June 2012Presentation in Salzburg, AT
  11. 11. Current State● WordLift Plug-in 2.0 (and protocol): Alpha● WordLift End-Point 2.0: Alpha● WordLift Server 2.0 (and protocol): not existing... yet!
  12. 12. Product BacklogPublish the Alpha, then define the Backlog
  13. 13. Hands-on● Installation of Stanbol● Checkout of WordLift End-Point● Compilation and Installation of W/L End- Point ● Installation of WordPress ● Checkout of WordLift ● Installation and Configuration
  14. 14. Have Fun!
  15. 15. Want to know more?David Riccitelli - Co-Founder Andrea Volpini - Co-Founder @ziodave @cyberandy WordLift is licensed under the MIT license terms ;-)