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Dave Pflieger Leaves Air Pacific, Company Seeks New Leader


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Dave Pflieger Leaves Air Pacific, Company Seeks New Leader

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Dave Pflieger Leaves Air Pacific, Company Seeks New Leader

  1. 1. Dave Pflieger Leaves Air Pacific,Company Seeks New Leader
  2. 2. David Pflieger, a pilot, attorney, and airline executivewith more than 25 years of experience, has departedhis position as managing director and CEO ofAir Pacific, Fiji’s national air carrier. As the incomingpresident and CEO of Florida-based Silver AirwaysCorp., he leaves Air Pacific a legacy of increasedrevenue and expansion that marked his tenure. InMarch 2013, Air Pacific announced its search for asuccessor to keep the momentum going. Among othercandidates, the company at that time was looking atseveral current employees promoted or hired by theacclaimed outgoing CEO.
  3. 3. David Pflieger led Air Pacific’s financial turnaroundfrom more than $50 million in losses to nearly $400million in yearly revenue. Additionally, he spearheadedthe company’s acquisition of several new Airbus A330planes specifically designed and built to represent theneeds and aspirations of the people of Fiji. The newaircraft are expected to increase the country’s capacityto develop its tourist industry and to deliver goods andservices to its population. Air Pacific also undertook arecent rebranding after approximately six decades inoperation. In June 2013, it will begin working under thename of Fiji Airways.