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The Do-Gooder Industrial Complex?


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How does Silicon Valley "control" the technology conversation in places like sub-Saharan Africa?

Published in: Technology, Business
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The Do-Gooder Industrial Complex?

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  3. 3. “Let us evaluate the basis for suggesting this time is different.”
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  6. 6. “The reason why they’re not on [the Internet] is they don’t know why they would want to get access to it. [We will show] people why it’s rational and good for them to spend the limited money that they have on the Internet.” Article:
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  12. 12. Mark Kaigwa @mkaigwa Erik Hersman @whiteafrican Christine Ampaire @axtine831 Tanya O’Caroll @TanyaOCarroll Leo Mutuku @C_Leo_patra Jeff Wishnie @jwishie Kagonya Awori @Kay_sum Heather Leson @HeatherLeson TMS Ruge @tmsruge Mbwana Alliy @Mbwana Thank you for joining us in #b1. Shout out to the following interviewees, whose work inspires me and whose thoughts guide this abstract.