Cannexus ottawa january 24th 2011


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Cannexus ottawa january 24th 2011

  1. 1. Maximizing Social Media For Career Acceleration Presented by Anita Martel & David Perry
  2. 2. Step 3: Housekeeping adfafasdfdPlease turn off cell phonesHold questions until Q&A
  3. 3. Why Listen To Us?  45 years combined experience  $184,000,000.00 in salaries negotiated1  1000 search projects completed
  4. 4. 25,348,000 3,248,00001/19/13 /
  5. 5. 25,348,000 Hires(6 Months - June to Nov. 2010)3,248,000 Openings(30 Days – Nov. 2010) How?
  6. 6. The Game Has Changed Job Hunters Employers Look this way Look this way vs.Today a job may find you!
  7. 7. Force Multiplier Effect
  8. 8. Today’s Agenda: How Build your on-line profile & BE FOUND1. Where have all the good jobs gone?2. Social Media. What is it? Why does it matter?3. ZoomInfo4. Facebook5. LinkedIn6. Blogging7. Twitter8. Other tools9. Takeaway Lessons: Wake up here :-)
  9. 9. Where Have The Jobs Gone? Advertised jobs are here
  10. 10. This is where we look Paid Free80M on LinkedIn20M on Monster vs 500M+ Facebook 500M+ Google
  11. 11. Mission: find an engineer in Detroit with brake and exhaust system experience Options: a. Run an ad and wade through 500-5,000 resumes b. Reach out and touch the perfect candidate intitle:resume brake.system | | exhaust.system education -jobs -apply -submit mechanical {84} intitle:resume brake.system exhaust.system education -jobs -apply -submit mechanical {84} inurl:in brake.system | | exhaust.system mechanical ~engineer {290} inurl:in brake.system exhaust.system mechanical ~engineer {290} ("brake system" OR "exhaust system" ) ) engineer inurl:profile (occupation OR "about me" ) {72} ("brake system" OR "exhaust system" engineer inurl:profile (occupation OR "about me" ) {72} Headaches: 0 Time: 1.2 seconds
  12. 12. Social Media: What? Why?
  13. 13. Social Media Why does it matter?• The biggest, fastest communication tool in human history. Mind-boggling – literally!• It can get you hired. Or get you ostracized.• There is no user’s manual.• Ready? Go!
  14. 14. Where will you be found?If you’re not here, you’re nowhere: ZoomInfo LinkedIn Facebook Twitter YouTube
  15. 15. ZoomInfoWhat it is. How to use it
  16. 16. What is it?• Definition: “Most dynamic database of people and companies in North America” Or … a way to be found! How to use it:• Appear “Register” –it’s free• Upload picture – secret handshake• Research hiring managers
  17. 17. Ottawa Jan25th 2011:This search took 10 seconds tostructure – 1 second to run anddelivered 98 hits. I will call all ofthem first .
  18. 18. Ottawa Jan25th 2011: Same city – Ottawa January 25th 2011. There must be more than 2?If you are not FOUND you won’t be called
  19. 19. FacebookWhat it is. How to use it
  20. 20. What is it?• Definition: “High school forever” Or … a way to make and maintain friendships. How to use it:• With a clear goal: EMPLOYMENT• Appear “professionally personal”• Target employers
  21. 21. Clear goal: EMPLOYMENT• Before posting anything, ask: “Will this make an employer more likely to hire me ... or less?”• Tip: You are not as funny as you think. Appear “professionally personal”• In all your hobbies, quotes, books read, favorite TV shows, postings, photos, etc. be the person you would want to share a cubicle with.
  22. 22. Grant Turck Facebook Ad Campaign Online resume LinkedIn Profile Web siteGrant runs a targetedFacebook campaignaimed at his Top 10Target Employerswhich leads them…
  23. 23. Grant Turck Facebook Ad CampaignGrant’s tactic 6 Callsgets play in 5 Interviewsthe major blogmedia. 2 OffersReaction is Comments fromswift and badpitch.blogspot.compositive
  24. 24. Do: Do: Treat your profile like an extended resume. It is. Treat your profile like an extended resume. It is. Maintain strict privacy on your Facebook info. Maintain strict privacy on your Facebook info. Try an ad campaign. The best $50 you ever spend? Try an ad campaign. The best $50 you ever spend? Don’t: Don’t: Post snide comments. Count to 10 first! Post snide comments. Count to 10 first! “Friend” people as quickly as on LinkedIn. “Friend” people as quickly as on LinkedIn.
  25. 25. LinkedInWhat it is. How to use it
  26. 26. What is it?• Definition: “Facebook for grown-ups” Or … a way to network with professionals. How to use it:• Make and restore connections that lead to off-line meetings and job interviews.• Research potential employers, co-workers.• Help others get what they want (Megan).
  27. 27. We ran this search We ran this searchDec 25ththfor aaDirector Dec 25 for Directorof It in Washington DC of It in Washington DC The “Big 3”1st Impressions CountNamePhotoHeadlineTracy & Christian usedthe wrong Key – words.We found hem but whatwere they trying to befound for?
  28. 28. Note: It may be your first job interview 2nd. Impression Make aapromise in your Make promise in your headline: headline: –– “Ask me how I I “Ask me how saved aaFortune 50 saved Fortune 50 company from company from losing $3,900,000! losing $3,900,000! Prove claims Prove claims (recommendations, (recommendations, numbers) numbers) Show off expertise (link to Show off expertise (link to blogs, PowerPoints) blogs, PowerPoints) Goal: Turn virtual connections Goal: Turn virtual connections into real meetings! into real meetings!
  29. 29. Call to Action Call to Action1.Contact Info 1.Contact Info  Phone number Phone number  Address Address  email email2.Summary 2.Summary  Benefits –– Benefits Here’s how I I Here’s how can help can help   More More Information: Information: Slide Share Slide Share Presentation Presentation Make it easy on people to find you and understand you “value”
  30. 30. Guerrilla “Black Ops” From 0 – 14,000,000 connections in 24 hours
  31. 31. Do:• Write a personal note when asking to connect.• Include a picture and good headline!• Give recommendations to get them.• Connect with alumni. They love to help!• Treat your LinkedIn profile like a written job interview. Don’t:• Send mass emails -- spam is spam anywhere!• Be afraid to call people!
  32. 32. BloggingWhat it is. How to use it
  33. 33. What is it?• Definition: “What you would write if you were not getting paid. Because you’re not.” Or … a way to go far beyond a resume. How to use it:• Write something every day on topics of interest to your next employer.• Know that your blog may not get you an interview. But it may get you hired after the interview.
  34. 34. This Blog Won a 6-Figure Job www.MMAPayout.comAdam Swift’s story …• Had “moment of clarity” in second year of law school.• After months of job-search frustration, decided to “go Guerrilla.”• Read Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters. Insight: blogging can demonstrate expertise and attract employers.• After 9 months of blogging, hired by Mark Cuban’s HDNet Fights as Manager of Marketing Alliances. Cuban and CEO had learned about Adam by reading his blog.• Takeaway Lesson: He blogged as if he wouldn’t get paid for it. But he did!
  35. 35. Do:• Blog about what excites you. Passion is essential!• Get design help. Really.• Cheat -- post comments on high-traffic blogs. Don’t:• Expect results overnight.• Forget that “the Internet is forever.” Avoid political, personal, puerile comments.
  36. 36. TwitterWhat it is. How to use it
  37. 37. What is it?• Definition: “Micro-blogging” Or … a way to quickly start conversations. How to use it:• Be found in – 160 characters
  38. 38. Learn to Hunt Who is talking about nursing? Who’s recruiting nurses today?Put your job hunt on autopilot!
  39. 39. Do:• Think long-term: mosaic, not masterpiece.• Treat your profile like a short resume.• Follow people in your industry• Follow people you want to meet. You might!• Start conversations you can finish offline. You should! Don’t:• Tweet banalities (“I’m eating lunch.” “Now I’m done.”)• Expect results overnight. But do expect them.
  40. 40. Other Tools
  41. 41. It’s not just for Justin Bieber Greg took an old report he had written and turned it into a YouTube post to help others. A deliberate strategy. Took him a ½ day. Garnered the attention of several firms, multiple interviews. One who hired him
  42. 42. Every You!
  43. 43. Never too young
  44. 44. Inspire someone Ordinary job hunters doing extraordinary things. - Norman Amundson
  45. 45. Takeaway Lessons
  46. 46. Be Strategic• With no plan, the Internet is a waste of time.• Make a plan. Yours should include: – List of 10-20 target employers – Daily and weekly quotas – Tracking system –, or similar. NOT Excel.
  47. 47. Be Proactive 2,600 hiring managers surveyed …• 18% wanted to hire a candidate, after researching them via social media. Why? – Good personality “fit” with company culture – 50% – Personal info supported qualifications – 39% – Evidence of creativity – 38% – Solid communication skills – 35%Source: 2009 survey by
  48. 48. Be Wary 2,600 hiring managers surveyed …• 35% did NOT hire a candidate, after researching them via social media. Why? – Unseemly photos or information – 53% – Drinking or drug use mentioned – 44% – Bad-mouthed other people – 35% – Poor communication skills – 29%Source: survey (2009)
  49. 49. Perry-Martel International Inc. 613-236-6995 Q&A Time!Anita Martel anitam@perrymartel.comDavid Perry