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What are information problems around magic mushrooms


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What are information problems around magic mushrooms

  1. 1. MAGIC MUSHROOMS INFORMATIONSETTINGS Intensive training course on qualitative drug research Amsterdam, August 2008 Anita Bosnjak David Pere
  3. 3. Kinds of shops Smart Strange Souveni Shop Shop r shop Sell magic Sell magic mushroom Sell magic mushroom. and other mushroom smart drugs Paraphernalia A lot of connectionParaphernalia souvenirs with smart connection drugs with smart No flyers with drugs. information Also many souvenirsThere are a lot Normally smallof information and crowded No flyers with places informationBigger places
  4. 4. AVAILABLE INFORMATION• Verbal information• Flyer• Box of magic mushrooms• On the wall or desk
  5. 5. Verbal information Smart shop’s staff has more knowledge and they are more willing to give information. People usually don’t ask many question. People ask more question in smart shop because of the setting. People ask more law questions. Typically information: “If it is your first time, take Mexican or Thai mushrooms.”
  6. 6. BOX OF MAGIC MUSHRROMS We saw two companies for magic mushroom distribution. Main company: Sticker with big letters in English: “Do not use alcohol.””+18” “Use only one box.” Other information on Dutch written with small letters. Other company: No warnings with big letters.
  7. 7. IN THE WALL OR DESK OR FRIDGE The same information in all shops. Picture of magic mushroom and underneath different kinds of effects: visual, energy, body, brain. Scale: 0 (nothing) 5 (maxim) Each type of magic mushroom have more or less punctuation in the scales.
  8. 8. FLYERS Information about magic mushroom. Flyers are not unique. Each shop have their own flyers. Two types: 1. general about all MM 2. particular for each MM Different s sorts of flyers with information about: dosage, trip, effect, tips and trick, use, do not use, afterwards, preserve, history…
  9. 9. FLYERS  A lot of information about magic mushrooms but Few information about set/setting Same information: Set: Do not use if you pregnant, nursing, psychotic, depressed, schizophrenia… Setting: In a park, in home, calm site… always with more people.
  10. 10. Flyers Contradictions
  11. 11. DOSAGE (MEXICAN) If this is your first trip: “Do not exceed half a dose: 15 grams.” In others flyer don’t tell this information. Staff: if it is your first trip: “Take Mexican” first take half of the box, then if you feel good the other one.
  12. 12. DOSAGE MEXICAN FRESH: 10 to 15 gram mild trip FRESH: 17.5gr mild15 to 30 gram for a trip strong trip 35 strong tripDRY: 1.0 to 2.0 DRY: 1.8gr mild trip for a mild trip and Different categories 3.5 gr strong trip2.0 3.5 for a strong trip about trip Diferent dosages No information about FRESH: 10-15 gr for a dry mild trip FRESH: 15 gram 15-30 for a relaxed trip mild trip 30-50 grams for a 30 gram for a strong trip strong trip DRY: 1.0-1.5 mild high 1.5 -3.0 relaxed trip 3.0-4.0 strong trip
  13. 13. OTHER TOPICS NOT CLEAR ON FLYER Conservation Dry: 3 months or 6 months? Fresh: 3 days or 7 days? Effect start :20 minutes or 50 minutes Effect duration: 3-8 hours? Or 4-6 hours. Can you smoke marihuana?
  14. 14. INFORMATION PROBLEMS Sometimes interest’s cash may be opposed to health. Sometimes staff is tired, burn-out or has more customers in the shop. This situations are negative for good information Information about dosage is the same for all people. Not different among sex, age or weight. In flyers there aren’t emerge phones.
  15. 15. INFORMATION PROBLEMS Flyers not available in all shop. Normally only smart shops and you have to ask for flyers. Some people ask about it’s allowed to go abroad with smart drugs. Normally staff don’t know. Conversation about future of magic mushrooms.
  16. 16. BAD TRIP DARK POINT. Staff don’t like this question. There is no much information about it on flyers, only “May you become unwell…” Staff told us: Take sugar, vitamin C, orange juice, water, go to sleep, dextro, valerian, after M, a pill (Some staff don’t know the content) Harm reduction? Placebo? Myth?
  17. 17. DIFFICULTIES & DILEMMA’S We couldn’t stay for a long time in the shop Not a lot of people were buying magic mushrooms. Sometimes the shops were just tourist attraction. Those who bought the didn’t ask much questions. The most of the questions were from us. In the begging we had dilemma will we introduce ourself