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The point of view of the adolescent.


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Comunicació. «The point of view of the adolescent in front of cocaine. Discourses and attitudes about cocaine consumption» Congrés. 19th annual conference. European Society for Social Research (ESSD). Budapest, 28 de setembre de 2008.

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The point of view of the adolescent.

  1. 1. ““The point of view of theThe point of view of the adolescent in front of cocaineadolescent in front of cocaine.. Discourses and attitudes ofDiscourses and attitudes of cocaine consumptioncocaine consumption”” David Pere Martínez OróDavid Pere Martínez Oró (UAB)(UAB) Fundación IgenusFundación Igenus
  2. 2. MetodologyMetodology  Qualitative methodologyQualitative methodology  TechniqueTechnique:: discussion-groupdiscussion-group  8 groups across Spain8 groups across Spain  All groups formed by people between 15 and 18 years old.All groups formed by people between 15 and 18 years old.  All participants were students and were living in averageAll participants were students and were living in average socially structured families (no marginalized people)socially structured families (no marginalized people)
  3. 3. Main ObjectiveMain Objective  Understand social and personal factorsUnderstand social and personal factors affecting adolescents when confronted toaffecting adolescents when confronted to drugdrug issues, especially cocaine.issues, especially cocaine.  Understand the social mechanisms leading toUnderstand the social mechanisms leading to acceptance or rejection of consumption.acceptance or rejection of consumption.
  4. 4. Discursive PerspectivesDiscursive Perspectives  Users of cocaineUsers of cocaine  Non users of cocaineNon users of cocaine  Non users of cocaine, although closeNon users of cocaine, although close cocaine worldcocaine world  Anti-cocaineAnti-cocaine
  5. 5. Source of knowlegdeSource of knowlegde  Own experiencesOwn experiences  FriendsFriends’’ discoursesdiscourses  Education discoursesEducation discourses
  6. 6. Initation to cocaine consumptionInitation to cocaine consumption  Examples fromExamples from ““olderolder”” adolescents toadolescents to ““youngeryounger”” adolescents. (mirror effect)adolescents. (mirror effect)  Role of leader in the groupRole of leader in the group  Curious about cocaineCurious about cocaine  Transgression feelingTransgression feeling  Ritual to pass to youthRitual to pass to youth  Rural adolescentsRural adolescents’’ initiation even before than urbaninitiation even before than urban adolescentsadolescents’’
  7. 7. •Stimulant •Mitigate alcohol effects •Well-being state •To escape reality •Psychosocial implications •Open up to people •Group integration •“Solidarity” •Sniffing ritual •“I’m not gonna be a jerk” •“I’m not going to be the weird one” •To keep on partying •Build collective experiences COLECTIVE MOTIVATIONS SOCIAL EFFECTS INDIVIDUAL MOTIVATIONS PHYISCAL EFFECTS
  8. 8. Normal consumptionNormal consumption  Consumption in the partyConsumption in the party  Leisure timeLeisure time  In friends companyIn friends company  Consumption without serious physical,Consumption without serious physical, psychological or social problemspsychological or social problems  No unique profileNo unique profile
  9. 9. Abnormal consumptionAbnormal consumption  Cocaine isCocaine is strictlystrictly needed when going partyneeded when going party  Taking cocaine aloneTaking cocaine alone  Consumption leads to shifts in behaviorConsumption leads to shifts in behavior  Cocaine as a link in friendship and/orCocaine as a link in friendship and/or relationships.relationships.  AddictionAddiction
  10. 10. MDMA and speedMDMA and speed  Some adolescent know and useSome adolescent know and use cocainecocaine  Normally for adolescent is better MDMANormally for adolescent is better MDMA or speed than cocaineor speed than cocaine  Reason: ItReason: It’’s cheapers cheaper  ““It gets you higherIt gets you higher””  Why the people become cocaine usersWhy the people become cocaine users and do not take speed or MDMA ?and do not take speed or MDMA ?
  11. 11.  ThanksThanks