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Simulation of conducting properties of metals and alloy. From SSER Ltd sample ppt

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  1. 1. Heat Energy Transfer Transfer of Heat Conduction Convection Radiation
  2. 2. A student believes that under similar conditions, different materials transfer heat at different rates. To test her theory, she heated four rods of the same size, all with drawing pins attached by wax. Conduction Experiment: Four Rods
  3. 3. The increase in kinetic energy is passed onto adjacent particles through collision, causing them to vibrate more. In this way, heat is passed from one end of the solid to the other. As the temperature of a solid is increased, the particles vibrate more, so they gain more kinetic energy. Use this animation to study what happens to the kinetic energy of the particles along the bar, as it is heated from one end... How Conduction Works
  4. 4. Absorption Experiment Click to start the experiments which investigate how the colour and texture of a surface affect the absorption of infra red radiation...
  5. 5. Convection - Smoke Chamber Predict what will happen when a piece of smoking paper is dropped into the smoke chamber. Start the experiment to see what happens to the smoke...
  6. 6. Thermal imaging can also be used to identify where heat is escaping from a building. Areas coloured red and yellow identify heat being lost (warm areas). Switch the camera on to find out where heat is being lost... Heat Loss from Buildings
  7. 7. The pie chart shows the major sites of heat loss in a typical home... Heat Loss in the Home 1. Which is the greatest source of heat loss? 2. Which is the smallest source of heat loss? 3. Would closing doors behind you when you leave a room help to reduce heat loss? 4. Why should you not stop all draughts in a house?
  8. 8. Energy Transfer: Size of Object Click start to investigate how the size of a body affects the rate at which it transfers heat energy to its surroundings.
  9. 9. Move the cursor over the thermos flask to find out how it prevents heat loss... The Thermos Flask