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Click-to-call app for Facebook Pages


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Click-to-call app for Facebook Pages

  1. 1. Drive Sales From Your Facebook Presence June 13, 2012 Introduction S
  2. 2. You’ve Built an Audience Through Facebook… yet…Your Facebook Page increases Your business relies on phone awareness and engages with calls for orders, reservations and prospects new sales cycles
  3. 3. But All That Work isn’tResulting in New Sales  Visitor doesn’t have a phone handy WHY?  They don’t want to use their minutes  They got side tracked or lost interest
  4. 4. Capture Visitor Interest in-the-momentMake it easy for your Facebook Page visitors to instantly call your business
  5. 5. Simplify Calling Directly From Your Facebook Page Turn visitors into callers with a simple click
  6. 6. Here’s How it Works… Install Infra Cloud Receptionist 1. ClickConnect onto your Facebook Page.2. Add a phone number for our app to call. 3. Page visitors click the app tab and a web-call to your pre-programmed number begins.
  7. 7. Your Visitor Clicks, We Dial the Number The page visitor will see this dialer and the pre-programmed number is contacted. The number dialed is not displayed allowing you use your mobile, home or office phone discreetly.
  8. 8. Introductory Offer! S Install the Facebook Page application today and you’ll get… S the ClickConnect application for your Facebook page FREE S Our 30 minute* monthly plan for FREE* Infra Cloud Receptionist requires a monthly subscription plan. This plan does notreplace or change your existing phone service or plans. There are a limited number offree 30 minute monthly plans. Infratel reserves the right to modify this offer.
  9. 9. Optional upgrade to Infra Cloud ReceptionistS Get a toll free, vanity or local phone numberS 24hr auto-attendant answers calls with your personal greeting and menu of options for the callerS Inbound calls are smartly routed to existing phones and can take into account time of day and your availabilityS Multiple extensions, automated forwarding and business voicemail includedS ClickConnect feature for your website
  10. 10. Two Upgrade OptionsS Additional minute only plans for Facebook App S 150 minutes $6.99/month S 500 minutes $19.99/month S 2000 minutes $69.99/monthS - OR - Upgrade to Infra Cloud Receptionist S Pool your minutes across all inbound calling methods –phone number, ClickConnect Facebook and Web apps. S 150 minutes $9.99/month S 500 minutes $29.99/month S 2000 minutes $99.99/month
  11. 11. Install Today!S Find our application on our community page S tionistS Or search Facebook for “Infra Cloud Receptionist”