Altitude context analysis


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a rough draft of context analysis notes used by Altitude Agency

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  • Altitude context analysis

    1. 1. ContextContext sets the suitability for engagement: it show the abilityand aptitude for your context to support engagement. Engagement defined: a interaction that generates - a positive emotional reaction - a task-relevant response Context defined:
    2. 2. ContextContext sets the suitability for engagement: it show the abilityand aptitude for your context to support engagement. Engagement defined: a interaction that generates - a positive emotional reaction - a task-relevant response Context defined:
    3. 3. understanding the critical link betweenemotion and business process how much do you care about your own story? how true is it to the value you provide? the story and your business processes must match; if they don’t you must heed the dissonance alarm applying objectivity and measurement into the critical growing business domain of narrative storytelling this segment is currently dominated by nuance and emotion
    4. 4. Understanding and Setting Contextwe provide nuanced objectivity what you do Relevancy Line truth +5 languishing powerful care -5 +5 stakeholders opinions nontext facade -5 Key why do the Key Tools get their own axis on this graph? because these are the links to Tools the Objective side. Key Contextual Tools integral to the delivery of your primary value proposition; everyone of your customers notices these tools and that they are needed for the delivery of your primary value.
    5. 5. How does a contextual element moveup the CARE and TRUTH axis? truth CARE axis movement the value must be articulated understanding relevancy to business aligning with company ambitions and culture/brand languishing powerful integrating into company operations (measure results) moving UP it must be actualized and supported care nontext facade TRUTH axis movement Relevancy moving UP
    6. 6. How does a contextualelement enter a death spiral? How does context get out of alignment? be distorted: can drift: the importance of the element is forgotten or distorted. it can happen because the relevancy of the contextual element is not communicated or moving understood. DOWN be marginalized: be eliminated:
    7. 7. Deconstructing Contextwe provide nuanced objectivity to build your context what you do Relevancy Line truth +5 languishing powerful TOOLS CARE TRUTH care -5 +5 objective subjective operational stakeholders Grove Trolley +4 +3 -4 opinions nontext facade AEC GCI +1 -5 +5 -5 Umami paper napkin -4 +4 +5 Bear Pit sawdust -1 +4 +4 side view Foosball table at DROIsys +1 0 -3 Truth “Y” Type “Z” Vsource at First Vic +1 +1 +4 how does this how much is this function as a does this contextual conduit for matter to element an your primary the user? authentic Care “X” value? representation of your value? Truth “Y” Type “Z” Care “X” Contextual Elements Key Tools (to deliver primary value)
    8. 8. Deconstructingbuild your contextwe provide nuanced objectivity to Context TOOLS MEDIA CARE TRUTH ACTION! objective asset subjective operational conduit narrative engagement contextual alignment all three Discovery Engagement Validation Grove Trolley +4 0 +5 +3 -4 facade AECOM Global Cities Institute +1 0 +5 0 +5 potential! Umami paper napkin -4 +5 -2 +4 +4 attention! Bear Pit sawdust +2 0 +3 +4 +4 chill Foosball table at DROIsys 0 0 +3 0 -3 attention! Vsource at First Vic +1 0 +3 +2 +4 meh Truth Caulkins at Erowhon +4 +5 +3 +5 goldmine! Nickel Diner window oddities 0 +5 +1 0 flickr Office Space Flair on J. Anniston 0 +4 -1 -5 reexamine Federal Heath “whose birthdays is it this month sign” 0 +2 +3 +5 explore AECOM Youtube channel 0 +5 0 +4 potential! how does this necessary could this how much does is this contextual function as a element drive a this matter to the element an conduit for your beneficial (mean) user? accurate questions primary value? narrative? representation of your authentic values? does it serve an Could this create how much of this is this item fully objective an affinity? care is driven by optional? processing purpose? how necessary positive associations rather is this authentic? is it? than function? TOOLS x CARE MEDIA x CARE display TOOLS table
    9. 9. MEMBER: EROWHON MARKETPrimary Value ConduitsTruth CaulkinsExpert Staff CARE TOOLCheckout ProcessRetail Location discovery marker publicize! TOOL CARE danger zone MEDIA discovery marker publicize! TOOL MEDIA further evaluate validation marker TRUTH possible publicize! publicize! TRUTH TOOL potential liability discovery marker
    10. 10. ROCwhat is your Return on CONTEXT?understanding the elasticity betweenthe emotional and logical thoughtprocess as it relates to businesshow what is perceived to be actuallychanges a viewers judgement. howyour emotion can actually influence adecision your logical mind has made. BUT... people to NOT LIKE to be shown their feels to them like weakness
    11. 11. the objective influencing the subjective influencing the subjective.... the objective.... $5 objective: I spent $5 on this wine subjective: I found a car I really really like! subjective: I hope it is good enough objective: it has four doors will fit the family, has a lot of cargo room for vacations and will be safe in snow with AWD and pretty good on gas and good insurance rates oh and a hatchback. $50 objective: I spent $50 on this wine subjective: this is going to be amazing.this is the logical self pulling this is the emotional selfthe emotional self along. pulling the logical self along.
    12. 12. the Bear Pit, a strongcontextual fortress Tiffany & Co. Fully integrated contextual element Clifton’s DTLA a failed contextual fortress
    13. 13. Design Engagements to analyze contexts1. ask questions2. word analysis3. facial analysis4. do our research