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dotSUB is a browser based, one-stop, self contained system for creating and viewing subtitles for videos in multiple languages across all platforms, including web based, mobile devices, and transcription and video editing systems. It's easy to use, nothing to buy or download, and it's fun.

dotSUB Enterprise Solutions offers the ability to utilize either an open environment, engaging the crowd or, a closed environment utilizing professional language resources, or any combination. The ability to integrate dotSUB functionality into any video CMS platform, video player or device, gives our enterprise partners the opportunity to spread their message in multiple languages, quickly and cost effectively. This opens the doors to a farther reach into new and untapped markets. The dotSUB system is designed to scale, allows for crowd created subtitles, working collaboratively, in real time, online, or closed professionals working individually or collaboratively, in real time, online. Whether in an open crowd sourced environment, or a totally closed professional environment, its proprietary Translation Content Management System makes it easy to manage quality control, publish and distribute video content in multiple languages across video platforms across cultures.

The dotSUB platform is specifically designed so that anyone, a total beginner, or an experienced professional, can create subtitles by translating the source language into any language in an easy, fun to use, user friendly interface. The use of dotSUB’s basic features is free and available for anyone who wants to share their videos with their friends, family and the world. Videos can be translated in a totally open wiki type of environment, or closed with password protected permissions, allowing the video owner to decide who can view, transcribe, or translate their videos.

A new world of online videos, accessible to machines for indexing by search engines, and to humans via interactive transcripts, opens up a medium rich in emotions to new opportunities globally. Translations rather than being a nice to have addition to online presence become a must have feature of every brand with a message to communicate.

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dotSUB at memoQfest 20120 in Budapest

  1. 1. dotSUBOn-demand Multilingual Video Translation May, 2012 – Budapest
  2. 2. David OrbanCEO, dotSUB
  3. 3. “If an image is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?” Michael Smolens Founder, dotSUB
  4. 4. Exponential TrendsGlobal communicationsSocial NetworksOnline videoMobile
  5. 5. Broadest Emotional Bandwidth
  6. 6. No Video Spam
  7. 7. 90% of Global Traffic by 2015Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2010-2015
  8. 8. Global Opportunity 77% 3 BillionOutside USA Videos Watched Daily
  9. 9. Video Discovery"shield of red shadows"
  10. 10. Viral Geographies Explosive spreading in Czech, and French for a video in German Czech French
  11. 11. Reaching of Full Potential
  12. 12. Reaching of Full Potential
  13. 13. dotSUB Corporate Users
  14. 14. Client | GE
  15. 15. Client | NHL
  16. 16. Client | NY-NJ Port Authority
  17. 17. dotSUB Crowdsourcing | Adobe
  18. 18. dotSUB Platform
  19. 19. Start of the Stanford AI Class
  20. 20. Project Management
  21. 21. Automated Reminders
  22. 22. Flexible API
  23. 23. YouTube Integration | OSHO
  24. 24. Multi-language Subtitles on Mobile
  25. 25. Distribution on Multiple Devices
  26. 26. dotSUB for LSPsMonetization Licensing Revenue sharing Advertising GlobalDistribution Web Mobile Tablet Satellite LSP Documents Video Web Apps ... Discovery Social Networks Search EnginesTechnology LanguageTranslation dotSUB Platform
  27. 27. Thank You!
  28. 28. dotSUB – 360 E. 72nd St. – New York NY 10021