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Los animales de africa


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Los animales de africa

  1. 1. By: Adelina, Ioana and Nerea
  2. 2. In Africa there are plenty of animals.In this presentation we are going totalk about three of them.
  3. 3. Giraffes are mammals and they arevery tall a feature of them is their longneck and front legs longer than theback. They are hervibores and eatleaves from the trees.THE GIRAFFE
  4. 4. African elephant is the biggest landanimal in the world. Elephants have a hugeears, a long trunck and two fangs.It is not an aggresive animal and onlyattack if it is injured.THE ELEPHANT
  5. 5. The hyena is a mammal and is carnivore.A typical characteristic of the hyenasare their howls that resemble a laugh human.The hyena is quite similar a dogTHE HYENA