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MySQL for Oracle DBA -- Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group Training Days '15


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How to speak MySQL for Oracle DBAs-- a intro to the MySQL ecosystem for Oracle DBAs to introduce how MySQL is best used, features, and tips.

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MySQL for Oracle DBA -- Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group Training Days '15

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> MySQL: An Introduction for Oracle DBAs or How to Speak MySQL for Beginners Dave Stokes @Stoker MySQL Community Manager
  2. 2. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. Safe Harbor Statement
  3. 3. • How to get MySQL • MySQL Architecture 101 • Storage Engines • Cluster • Replication • Support • Tools of the trade • New Stuff • Where to use MySQL / Where not to use MySQL • Additional Resources • Joining the 'MySQL gang' Agenda
  4. 4. How to get MySQL Community: Freely downloadable version of the world's most popular open source database. It is available under the GPL license and is supported by a huge and active community of open source developers. Enterprise: Paid subscription includes support and the following • MySQL Enterprise Backup • MySQL Enterprise Monitor • MySQL Query Analyzer • MySQL Workbench Free for 30 day evaluation
  5. 5. Get it now Server – Community or Enterprise (for 30 days) Cluster –real-time open source transactional database designed for fast, always-on access to data under high throughput conditions. Workbench – visual database design application that can be used to efficiently design, manage and document database schemata and get MySQL Utilities too! Proxy – a simple program that sits between your client and MySQL server(s) that can monitor, analyze or transform their communication. Connectors – ODBC, Java, .Net, MXJ, C/C++, DBI, Ruby, Python, etc.
  6. 6. Easy to install Pre-complied binaries Example config files Demo database Lots of documentation Docs Online Books Classes User Groups 15 Minute install 5 minutes Windows Packages, Binaries, packages & source code Compile your own Add/delete Storage Engine Add/delete features
  7. 7. MySQL Architecture 101 MySQL is a RDMS Wide variety of hardware platforms Connectors for most languages Runs great on commodity hardware Scales from small to Facebook
  8. 8. Is it standard SQL? Yes aim is to support the full ANSI/ISO SQL standard, but without making concessions to speed and quality of the code No Depends on engine
  9. 9. MySQL Storage Engines What is it? MySQL supports multiple storage engines. Each one implements tables that have a specific set of properties or characteristics.
  10. 10. MySQL Database Performance, Reliability, Ease of Use Support for common development languages/platforms Efficient multi- threaded session handling Full DML, DDL parsing, cost based optimizer, caching of queries and result sets Flexible Storage Engine options for application specific storage needs Flexible logging and physical storage options
  11. 11. • Default Storage Engine for MySQL 5.5 and above • ACID-compliant transactions, MVCC • Row-level locking • Two phase commit • Efficient indexing • Fast DDL operations • Table compression • Automatic crash recovery • Referential integrity • Online backup • More MySQL Database InnoDB - Transactional by Default
  12. 12. Storage Engines: Select a specialized storage engine for a particular application need. InnoDB: a high-reliability and high-performance storage engine for MySQL designed for transaction processing. It follows the ACID model. Row-level locking and Oracle-style consistent reads increase multi-user concurrency and performance MyISAM: oldest storage engine has many features that have been developed over years. Memory: creates tables with contents that are stored in memory. MySQL Cluster offers the same features as the MEMORY engine with higher performance levels, and provides additional features
  13. 13. Storage Engines Many options Transactions Speed Warehousing Column orientation Lock Have to know where your data is going Manual:
  14. 14. InnoDB InnoDB is a high-reliability and high-performance storage engine. Key advantages of InnoDB include: ACID model, with transactions featuring commit, rollback, and crash- recovery capabilities to protect user data. Row-level locking and Oracle-style consistent reads increase multi-user concurrency and performance. InnoDB tables arrange your data on disk to optimize common queries based on primary keys. InnoDB also supports FOREIGN KEY referential-integrity constraints.
  15. 15. Cluster MySQL Cluster is a real-time open source transactional database designed for fast, always-on access to data under high throughput conditions. MySQL Cluster utilizes a “shared nothing” architecture which does not require any additional infrastructure investment to provide 99.999% data availability with no single point of failure.
  16. 16. Copyright 2011 Oracle Corporation 24 MySQL Database High Availability with MySQL Replication
  17. 17. MySQL Cluster 7.3 High Write Scalability, Real Time Performance, 99,999% Uptime Copyright 2011 Oracle Corporation 25 • Telecoms • Subscriber Databases (HLR/HSS) • Service Delivery Platforms • VoIP, IPTV & VoD • Mobile Content Delivery • On-Line app stores and portals • IP Management • Payment Gateways • Web • User profile management • Session stores • eCommerce • On-Line Gaming • Application Servers GA
  18. 18. • Improved Administration • NDBINFO: Real time status & usage statistics • MySQL Cluster Manager (CGE Only) • Higher Performance • MySQL Cluster Connector for Java • Native Java & OpenJPA access to MySQL Cluster • Carrier Grade Availability & Performance • Shared nothing, distributed design for 99.999% availability • Sub-Second Failover & Self Healing Recovery • On-Line Scaling and Maintenance • Parallel Multi-Master Architecture • Low Latency, Real Time Responsiveness MySQL Cluster 7.3 GA
  19. 19. Who uses MySQL Cluster? US Navy carrier flight operations
  20. 20. Cluster – Typical Performance Availability 99.999% (<5 min downtime / year) Performance Response Time 2-5 millisecond (with synchronous replication and access via NDB API Throughput of 10,000+ replicated transactions/sec on a 2 Node Cluster, with 1 CPU Per Node (minimal configuration) Throughput of 100,000 replicated transactions/sec on 4 Node Cluster, with 2 CPU Per Node (low-end configuration) Failover Sub-second failover enables you to deliver service without interruption GA
  21. 21. •<Insert Picture Here> “Testing of Adaptive Query Localization has yielded over 20x higher performance on complex queries within our application, enabling Docudesk to expand our use of MySQL Cluster into a broader range of highly dynamic web services.” Casey Brown Manager, Development & DBA Services, Docudesk MySQL Cluster 7.2 Early Adopter Speaks!
  22. 22. MySQL Replication Overview Native in MySQL Used for Scalability and HA Asynchronous as standard Semi-Synchronous support added in MySQL 5.5 Each slave adds minimal load on master
  23. 23. MySQL Master relay binlog MySQL Slave mysqld data index & binlogs databinlog updates selects updates mysqld I/O Thread SQL Thread Replication MySQL Database Replication Internals
  24. 24. MySQL Replication Delivering Read Scalability Used by leading web properties for scale-out Reads are directed to slaves, writes to master Delivers higher performance & scale with efficient resource utilization Clients Slaves Master MySQL Replication Copyright Oracle Corporation 2011 34
  25. 25. Writes & Reads Reads Reads • Write to one master • Read from many slaves, easily add more as needed • Perfect for read/write intensive apps Application MySQL Replication Load Balancer MySQL Database Replication Enables Scalability
  26. 26. Application MySQL Server SE2SE1 Storage Engines Master Binlog Replication MySQL Server Application Slave Relay Binlog L R R A SE2SE1 Storage Engines Logging/ Replication Semi-Sync Replicator Relay Log/ Applier Semi-Sync Receiver Ack Available as two separate loadable components for the master and the slave MySQL 5.5 Semisynchronous Replication Copyright Oracle Corporation 2011 37
  27. 27. Semisynchronous replication Improved resilience by having master wait for slave to receive events. Slave fsync tuning & Automatic relay log recovery Tune fsyncs so corruption is less likely on slave crashes. Let the slave recover from corrupted relay logs. Replication Heartbeat Have a more precise failure detection mechanism. Avoid spurious relay log rotation when the master is idle. Per server replication filtering Instruct slave to discard events from a master with a specific server id. MySQL 5.6 Replication Features
  28. 28. Precise Slave Type Conversions Use different types on master and slave and get automatic type promotion and demotion when using RBR Individual Log Flushing Selectively flush server logs when using 'FLUSH LOGS' Safe logging of mixed transactions Replicate transactions containing both InnoDB and MyISAM changes Multi Threaded and Crash Safe MySQL 5.6 Replication Features
  29. 29. • Reach out to the community – Irc on freenode – – Local user groups • Oracle Support • Certifications MySQL Support How can I get help ?
  30. 30. • MySQL Database, Visual Development/Admin, Monitoring, Backup tools, and Oracle Lifetime Support services MySQL Enterprise Monitor Performance Monitoring/ Alerts Hot fixes Service packs MySQL Workbench Oracle Lifetime Support MySQL Enterprise Backup MySQL Enterprise Edition Query Analyzer Dev/Admin, Monitoring/ Backup Tools Oracle Lifetime Support Services
  31. 31. • 24 X 7 Problem Resolution Services • Unlimited Support Incidents • Knowledge Base • Maintenance Releases, Bug fixes, Patches, Updates • MySQL Consultative Support • Staffed by experienced, seasoned MySQL Engineers Oracle Premier Support for MySQL
  32. 32. • Oracle Golden Gate • Bi-directional replication between MySQL and Oracle • Exadata Data Stores – Enterprise DW, legacy apps, etc. • Hybrid Applications (MySQL frontend + Oracle data store) • Oracle Secure Backup • MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.6 - supports backup streaming to OSB via SBT API MySQL Enterprise Certifications Oracle Products Enables you to manage your Oracle and MySQL databases with Oracle tools/solutions you are already using.
  33. 33. • Oracle Listens • Enterprise backup • Enterprise Monitor • Query Analyzer • Workbench • Proxy Server • Memcache • Windows development MySQL Tools of the trade ?
  34. 34. MySQL Server Feature Requests - Online Backup is the #1 most requested feature for MySQL Users and Customers
  35. 35. MySQL Enterprise Backup • Online Backup for InnoDB • Full, Incremental, Partial Backups (scriptable interface) • Compression • Point in Time, Full, Partial Recovery options • Metadata on status, progress, history • Unlimited Database Size • Cross-Platform • Windows, Linux, Unix • Certified with Oracle Secure Backup MEB Backup Files MySQL Database Files mysqlbackup Ensures quick, online backup and recovery of your MySQL apps.
  36. 36. A Virtual MySQL Tuning Assistant! MySQL Enterprise Monitor • Global view of MySQL environment • Automated, rules-based monitoring and alerts (SMTP, SNMP enabled) • Query capture, monitoring, analysis and tuning, correlated with Monitor graphs • Visual monitoring of “hot” applications and servers • Real-time Replication Monitor with auto-discovery of master- slave topologies • Integrated with MySQL Support
  37. 37. MySQL Query Analyzer • Centralized monitoring of queries without Slow Query Log, SHOW PROCESSLIST; • Enabled via MySQL Connectors • Aggregated view of query execution counts, time, and rows • Visual “grab and go” correlation with Monitor graphs • Traces query executions back to source code Saves you time parsing atomic executions from logs. Finds problems you cannot find yourself.
  38. 38. MySQL Workbench SE Database Design • Visual Design, modeling • Forward/Reverse Engineer • Schema validation, Schema doc SQL Development • SQL Editor - Color Syntax Highlighting • Objects - Import/Export, Browse/Edit • Connections - Wizard, SSH Tunnel Database Administration • Status, Configuration, Start/Stop • Users, Security, Sessions • Import/Export Dump Files Scripting & Plug-in Support UI Designed to match VS 2010 Saves you time developing and managing your MySQL apps.
  39. 39. MySQL Workbench - Plugins • Community driven Plugins & Add-ons site – Code in Python, share with the community
  40. 40. • Oracle Linux with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel • Oracle VM • Oracle VM Manager • Oracle Cluster File System 2 (OCFS2) • MySQL Database (Enterprise Edition) • Pre-Installed & Pre- Configured • Full Integration & QA Testing • Single Point of Support** Oracle VM Servers Oracle VM Server Pool ocfs2 Oracle VM Manager SAN / iSCSI Secure Live Migration (SSL) Oracle VM Automatic Fault Detection & Recovery MySQL Enterprise High Availability OVM Template for MySQL Oracle VM ** Technical support for Oracle Linux and Oracle Virtual Machine requires Unbreakable Linux Network subscription.. GA
  41. 41. New Stuff Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL •Collects over 500 metrics •Requires Oracle Enterprise manager 12c release 4 or better •Monitors Enterprise and Community MySQL Oracle Audit Vault Support Database Firewall Support
  42. 42. • Fast, simple access to InnoDB • Accessed via Memcached API • Use existing Memcached clients • Bypasses SQL transformations • NotOnlySQL access • Memcached for key-value operations • SQL for rich queries, JOINs, foreign keys, etc. • Implementation • Memcached daemon plug-in to mysqld • Memcached protocol mapped to the native InnoDB API • Shared process space for ultra-low latency MySQL 5.6: Key-Value access to InnoDB NotOnlySQL: Memcached API InnoDB Storage Engine MySQL Server Memcached plugin Application SQL (MySQL Client) NoSQL (Memcached Protocol)mysqld
  43. 43. Already use MySQL Require read scalability Require high performance Don’t need durability or HA in caching layer Need massive/proven scaling capabilities Want vendor-neutral solution Don’t need transactions Don’t mind “Warming” up cache after a failure Need a generic cache – not Java object specific Need Cloud friendly cache MySQL 5.6: When to use memcache InnoDB Storage Engine MySQL Server Memcached plugin Application SQL (MySQL Client) NoSQL (Memcached Protocol)mysqld
  44. 44. Significant Developer Adoption Windows is the #1 development platform for MySQL Making MySQL better on Windows MySQL on Windows The Right Choice
  45. 45. Performance & Scalability Improved on Windows MySQL 5.5 Benchmarks Lower TCO More Affordable Easier to Administer Ease of Use MySQL Workbench New Connector/NET 6.3 Cross-platform 20+ Platforms No Lock-in MySQL on Windows The Right Choice
  46. 46. Where to use MySQL? Where not to use MySQL? Yes  Data size: Small to Facebook  Speed: doesn’t matter to blazing  HA  Ease  Cost  Ubiquity No Not a drop in replacement for 12 or earlier or RAC May not have all the features you know and love from Oracle 12 (such as)
  47. 47. Things Oracle DBAs will miss No Materialized views Authentication Primitive No GRID control Nothing analogous to RAC PL/SQL JOINs per query limited to 61 Execution plans cached per connection not globally Different storage engines behave differently, I.E. COUNT() See's 50 things to know before migrating Oracle to MySQL* * (A little dated)
  48. 48. Changes In Prases Oracle Instances = MySQL Databases V$ = Performance_Schema, Information_Schema & Sys_schema Oracle Databases = MySQL Schemas
  49. 49. Additional Resources • Download MySQL 5.5, MySQL Cluster 7.1 GA, GPL Products • MySQL Products, Editions, Licensing Options • TCO calculator • Upcoming Events • Customer use cases and success stories • Download MySQL 5.6 DMR and Labs “early access” features • Developer Zone Articles, How to’s • Download and evaluate all MySQL products
  50. 50. Additional Resources • Blog feeds from the experts and the community Books: • MySQL by Paul DuBois • MySQL Administrator's Bible by Sheeri Cabral • High Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, Replication, and More (next edition in the works) • Community interaction Preview of coming attractions – not for production • Labs.MySQL.Com
  51. 51. Joining the ‘MySQL Gang’ 1. Download MySQL & use 2. Local User Groups (MySQL, LAMP, IOUG …) 1. See me if you want to start one! 3. Read http://Planet.MySQL.Com 4. Certifications
  52. 52. <Insert Picture Here> Thanks for attending! Dave Stokes @stoker