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What are the steps of pinning norton antivirus identity safe to your browser’s toolbar


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The mentioned article will update you with the benefit of antivirus and ways of installing it

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What are the steps of pinning norton antivirus identity safe to your browser’s toolbar

  1. 1. What are the Steps of Pinning Norton Antivirus Identity Safe to your Browser’s Toolbar Internet is a very importnt thing in our daily life. We are also familiar with Internet utility tools. Our demand of new things after every few minutes is also a reson for using these tools because ther was no technology to make such high class tools. In this situation we are now at the stage where we can do everything possibaly we also have some vulnarabelities. Now everyone can sneak in our system wether they are good or bad means they can be hacker, cracker etc. They can produce virus in our computers so we need antivirus to protect our system from them. Norton antivirus is very good option in that case. The services of norton is highly trustable and also it has proved its mark time to time. It provides your computer from recent attack also. Norton also declared that your computer is more safe with it compared t other systems. Follow the steps given below to install your norton antivirus : 1. If you do not see the latest versions of this antivirus in your system then upgrade it to the latest from Norton and then perform the next steps. 2. Now you will have to select the security option from the home page, look below for it and select it. 3. Now just Press the live update column from the security window. 4. Now, you should download the required software from the official site of Norton. 5. You can see the press button below, Press the OK button when you see the downloading process completing. 6. Now you need to restart the downloaded file and after the restart, you will see the icon on the toolbar of your browser. If you want to know more or an additional assistant Call us toll free : 1-866-300-4877 Website link :