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Pn smart solution


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PN smart solution company is a computer software company which provide computer softwares. the following article give the information about this company.

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Pn smart solution

  1. 1. PN smart solution PN smart solution is authorized reseller for the AVG software. Now a day the company comes to the top of the popularity as it becomes a master for the computer software. It provides the cloud based security for your computers. If your computer is infected with virus, then you need a best antivirus. This company provides AVG antivirus, which has got great reviews. If you face the problem with spam in your computers, which means you need a better anti’s pam. First of all, you need to understand what spam is. Spam means the email which is in the form of commercial advertising in form of economically viable. The bulk amount of spam in your inbox can affect your email service very dangerously. To avoid this risk, you need an Antispam. PN smart solution provides AVG antispam which is very better option for your computer. You will get the content filtering service here by which your employee don’t need of spend their time in search. We provide the following features: 1. Automatically blocking of website Your system will automatically block sites by category and sorts more than 60 million sites into subgroups for increased granularity. 2. Will get a second line of defense It provides a dynamic Filtering scans any pages. 3. You don’t need proxy You don’t need to change hardware or software, and the service does not require any rerouting of traffic, which could slow your Internet speed. 4. It provide you second local passwords It creates a secondary, local password to override blocked pages without compromising the administrative password.
  2. 2. 5. It has Easy policy settings It Sets flexible policies for in the office, at home, or on the road. It pushes real- time policy and group updates to your PCs from the cloud. To know more about us Please call : 1-855-272-6255 Or mail us on : Our website : Contact us : Twitter account: Facebook account : Youtube link :