The roman art


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The roman art

  1. 1. THE ROMAN ARTNúria Corbella, Gisel·la Alcoz, Berta Vergés i Cristina Raich
  2. 2. THE ROMANESQUEART:It has the visual arts made in Ancient Rome, and in the territories of the Roman Empire. Major forms of Romanesque art are architecture, painting, sculpture and mosaic work... are sometimes considered in modern terms to be minor forms of Romanesque art.
  3. 3. PARTS OF THEROMAN ART The parts of the roman art are: -Republican: (3rd to 1st century BC): with much Greek influence. -Imperial: (1st century BC - 5 th century BC) with late art from the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD.
  4. 4. ROMANESQUE ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT: The Roman victory in Asia Minor in 189 B.C. and the conquest of ancient Greece in 146 BC, with the taking of Corinth and Carthage, are key dates for the Romanesque artistic development.
  5. 5. PAINTING Our knowledge of Ancient Romanesque painting relies in large part on the preservation of artifacts from Pompeii and Herculaneum, and particularly the Pompeian mural painting. It is the most important part of the romanesque art.
  6. 6. ARC THE TRIOMPHEIn the frieze there are remains of aninscription which refers to Luci Lucini Sura,who paid for the reforms of the monument.It was built in the 2 nd century BC.Before, the sculpture of August was in themiddle of the structure because the arch wasbuilt in his honor.The objective of this monument was theimportance of the emperor, the battles orcommemorate a famous character of the city.
  7. 7. BERA’S ARC
  8. 8.  The Roman aqueduct was a tube that can carry large quantities of water from its source to the city. This aqueduct store and regulated water flow. After that, the water was distributed in all directions from the city through the reeds.AQUEDUCT
  10. 10. CASTLE WALLS