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  1. 1. Andreina Sigüeñas,Martí Rius,Judit RiquelmeSergi Puiggener
  2. 2. The Renaissance Art began inItaly in the century XV andfinished in XVI
  3. 3. Characteristics
  4. 4. Architecture• Architecture is the artistic manifestation which shows rather the influence of classical antiquity.• It was characterized by the use of modular proportions, overlapping orders, use of domes and massive introduction of the order.
  5. 5. Palace of the Generaliti
  6. 6. The sculpture• The sculpture of the Quattrocento managed to free himesefentirely from the conditions of the architectural framework that had determined the plastic ages.• Renaissence, animed at studying the man returns to the bisecreason of classical sepulture: the human figure, especially thenude figures, trying to capture the anatomy, the function of the body and its relationship with the space. The materials to bereturned to the precious stone and bronze.
  7. 7. Spanish Renaissance and Baroque Sculpture in the National Art Museum of Catalonia
  8. 8. The painting• The Renaissance painting takes as its starting point the desire for truth, the attempt to represent the world as reality.• The principal Characteristics are: – The lineal perspective – The figures have volume – The religious painting still important
  9. 9. Aine Brown Degollació Sant Cugat Painting intempera and oil on wood, in 1504-07 National Art Museum of Catalonia, Barcelona