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Tutorial for PowerPoint 2007


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Learn how to use and create presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007!

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Tutorial for PowerPoint 2007

  1. 1. How to use Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial
  2. 2. Top Part LayoutThe Office Button Slideshow View • Fill with colour • Outline Startpage Design Here are the • Effects tools that you • Search Insert Animations Correction used in the past Style • Change • Select Clipboard Slides Font Paragraph Drawing Edit tools
  3. 3. Right Side Select how you want to see the slides in this bar Here you will see the slides that you alredy have The new slides that you make will appear here • In this section, you can see all of your slides that you have in a smaller view.How many slides you have, andwhere are you now
  4. 4. Center Part, Creating Slides Ruler In this area, you can design your slide You can write into textboxes Set the background by clicking with right mousebutton, an d selecting the backgroundIf you have ideas, what you don’t want to put in the optionslide yet, write them here, so you will remember
  5. 5. Office ButtonYou can choose, whichshortcuts you want to see here Last projects you’ve been working on Exit from PowerPoint
  6. 6. Office Button II New project Ofen existing project SaveSave as PrintPrepare Send Share Close Settings of PowerPoint
  7. 7. Animation Add an animation Close windowAdd an animation Select how the Properties of animation start animation Speed of animationInformation about anexisting animation Other animation will appear here Change order of the animations Play Slideshow
  8. 8. Have fun creating presentationswith Mictosoft PowerPoint 2007