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Rotary Member Recruitment

  1. 1. Rotary Club of SeminoleLake – SunriseNew Member Information
  2. 2. Welcome to Rotary!No organization is greater than its individual members:Rotarians:• Participate for Friendship• Participate for Service• Participate for Fellowship• Participate for Knowledge• Participate for International Understanding Remember: YOU ARE ROTARY!
  3. 3. Rotary is an International OrganizationRotary International is governed by a president and board of directorselected from all over the world. Annually each District elects a DistrictGovernor – but each club is an autonomous group. It is the individualRotarians that make up the Club, which makes up the District,which then makes Rotary International what it is.The first Rotary Club was organized in 1905, by Paul P. Harris. This clubmet in rotation at the offices of the members – thus the name Rotary. There are now more than 30,000 Rotary Clubs Rotary membership consists of more than 1,300,000 men and women. Rotary is the largest civic organization in the world.
  4. 4. Rotary is an International OrganizationThe free world is divided into territories within which a group of clubs areassociated – these territories are known as Rotary Districts.There are 530 districts in the Rotary world – in over 166 countries andgeographic territories.Our Club is in District 6950 – which is composed of 46 clubs - with totalmembership of over 2,200 Rotarians. - Our Club currently maintains approximately 30 members.
  5. 5. Object of RotaryThe object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster:First – The development of acquaintance as an opportunity of service.Second – High ethical standards in business and professions; the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying by each Rotarian his occupation as an opportunity to serve society.Third – The application of the ideal of service by every Rotarian to his personal, business and community of life.Fourth – The advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional men and women united in the ideal of service.
  6. 6. We Implement the Object of Rotary Four Avenues of Service.Club ServiceThose things that a Rotarian does to help make successful running of his or her Rotary Club.Vocational ServiceThe promoting of the “ideal of service” throughout the business and professional world.Community ServiceUrges every Rotarian to participate in all activities which make their community a better place to live.International ServiceEncourage and foster the advancement of understanding and good will among peoples of the world.…We support the Rotary Foundation program on Rotary grants.
  7. 7. THE FOUR-WAY TESTof things we think, say or do….  Is it the TRUTH?  Is it FAIR to all concerned?  Will it build GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?  Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
  9. 9. Your obligation in Rotary MEMBERSHIP can’t happen unless you fulfill the seven I’s:  I decide to ask a person to join  Invite those you know to join Rotary  Inform people about Rotary  Induct them into the Club – make it special  Introduce them to the Cub  Include them in projects and events  Inspire them
  10. 10. Your financial obligationClub Costs:Initiation Fee: $75 Happy Dollars: (optional contribution)Monthly Dues: $38 Holiday Basket Stipend: $10- includes meals, Holiday party and (once annually)installation banquet for you Social Events: VariesVisitor Meals: $8 - Mystery Night, night out with Rotarians, significant other to Holiday party and Installation banquetFines: NONE50/50: (optional contribution - $1)
  11. 11. Financial obligation Membership: There are two types of membership in a Rotary Club: 1. Active 2. Honorary
  12. 12. How YOU were chosen to be a member of Rotary A member of this Rotary Club sponsored your membership. Our Classification Committee verified your occupation and agreed – …that you hold an important position with your organization. …that you are an outstanding leader in your vocation. Our Membership Committee verifies your personal reputation both in your business and in the community. Our Board of Directors approved your application for Rotary membership. You will have completed this Rotary information session Our entire membership will also approve you as a new Rotarian. Your name will be published in the bulletin for the required time.
  13. 13. Our Rotary ClubEach year we elect our officers. These officers conduct the generalbusiness of our Club.These offices include:President, President-Elect, Treasurer,Secretary,Sergeant at Arms (each for one year term),and six directors (3 each elected at alternating years for two yearoffice).A Bulletin Editor is selected by the President-Elect to provide the Clubwith information.
  14. 14. Our Rotary ClubOur President, with the approval of our Board of Directors, makescommittee appointments based upon the Four Avenues of Rotary – 1. Club Service 2. Community Service 3. Vocational Service 4. International ServiceYOU WILL be asked to participate on a committee based upon yourinterest.YOU WILL BE WELCOMED by each member of our club - butremember, you must make an effort to meet and know us.
  15. 15. Avenues of Service Club Service involves the member giving their time and talents to help the club grow and become more successful. This could mean serving as an officer, serving on the board of directors, or volunteering to organize an event or effort the club has chosen to undertake. Activities that help the club membership would include, bulletin editor, program coordinator or organizing a club membership directory  Rotary night out  Mystery night  Holiday Party and Installation Banquet
  16. 16. Avenues of Service Community Service requires the member to give of him/herself to a community project. Working on this avenue of service would include finding a community need and offering solutions. It may also mean the club raising funds to support a particular community effort. It can be as easy as a road side clean, up once a quarter, or working on repairing a building for the community’s use.  Holiday Baskets  Fun in the Sun  Adopt-a-Mile
  17. 17. Avenues of Service Vocational Service/ Youth Service go hand and hand, working together. By working with youth, it helps them to build a better foundation to have a solid stable life and career. They may look to you as a role model for behavior, business ethics and personal standards, volunteer to teach a class during special events (Great American Teach In) or give a presentation about your career and life choice, to interested students. The club may decide to raise funds for an at risk youth scholarship program or some type of scholarship to be awarded to students.  Seminar for Tomorrows Leaders (S4TL  Annual American Teach In  Mentoring
  18. 18. Avenues of Service International Service is working to achieve a better place to live and work worldwide. Usually this avenue is supported by the club funding projects overseas. Members on this committee would help to find a project that suites the club interest and develop a plan that enhances international service. These projects can include, supplying well water to an area of need, establishing medical help for areas were there is no care, or helping a child be immunized against polio.  RotoCleft Project  Wells in the Philippines  Generators in Haiti
  19. 19. A Sampling of our Current Club Projects Mentoring Madeira Beach Middle School RotoCleft Project Baskets for needy families for Thanksgiving and Christmas Rotary Camp Florida Rotary Warrior Invitational Track Meet Interact Club at Osceola High School Scholarships for Seminole and Osceola HS Seniors Deans List Students 5th Grade Awards Seminar For Tomorrows Leaders (S4TL) Friends of the Florida Deaf Service Center Adopt-a-Mile Great American Teach-In Kids Appreciation Day
  20. 20. Rotary PublicationsRotary International publishes - THE ROTARIAN –You will receive this each month. It is well worth reading. ….it contains news of Rotary around the world. …it also contains interesting articles by outstanding writers on a variety of important subjects.Our Rotary Club furnishes you with – 1. Our CLUB BULLETIN …which reports weekly the news of our members and club activities. …on the web 2. A ROSTER of our members. …you will find it convenient and useful.
  21. 21. Rotary Foundation The Rotary Foundation  Every year, Rotarians contribute millions of dollars to the Rotary Foundation’s Annual Programs Fund and the Permanent Fund.  The Annual Programs Fund provides support for the Foundation’s humanitarian and educational programs, while the Permanent Fund serves as an endowment, guaranteeing that the Foundation’s work toward international understanding and peace will continue for decades to come.
  22. 22. Rotary Foundation The Rotary Foundation  Worldwide, Rotarians lend their time, expertise, and resources to a number of vocational programs, and community and international service projects.  $60 million annually in international education and humanitarian programs.  GSE – Group Study Exchange  Rotary Foundation scholarship programs are the worlds largest privately funded international scholarship program.  PolioPlus Program, Rotarians have committed some $500 million to purchase polio vaccine and to support immunization campaigns.
  23. 23. Rotary Foundation Rotary Club of Seminole Lake Charitable Foundation  In 1988, our Club took on a major Fund-raiser, known as our MERCEDES or CAR PARTY at which the "door prize" is a car.  To help solicit donations for this event, we formed a separate Club Charitable Foundation registered with the IRS as a 501-C-3 Corporation for the purpose of receiving qualified tax-exempt donations.  Although it is a separate legal entity, all members of the Seminole Lake Rotary Club are also automatically members of the Rotary Club of Seminole Lake Charitable Foundation.  The Board of Directors of our Foundation is made up of past Club presidents. The Car Party has been an annual event ever since, looked forward to with anticipation by many as THE SOCIAL/PARTY OF THE FALL!  It is now called the “FUN-IN-THE-SUN” party where a Harley motorcycle is considered the premier prize!
  24. 24. Seminole Lake Rotary Your Questions Next Meeting – We meet every Friday morning @ 7:15 a.m. President’s Remarks THANK YOU FOR TAKING THIS OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN A LITTLE ABOUT US AND FOR US TO LEARN A LITTLE ABOUT YOU!