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The ANZACs at Gallipoli


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A power presentation about the Gallipoli Campaign.

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The ANZACs at Gallipoli

  1. 1. My presentation is about the Great war.
  2. 2. Life was hard in the trenches. A lotof the time the mud could be up tothe soldiers knees. The trencheswere full of flies and the fliesconstantly settled on the ediblefood. Almost all of the soldiers inthe trenches were ill. They got a lotof diseases like dysentery whilethey were already weak from thebad food. The soldiers were neversafe they were always on the run. InNovember 1915 a storm hit whichdrowned a lot of the soldiers in thetrenches.
  3. 3. After about a two years of tough fighting Sir Kitchener arrived inGallipoli on a small boat. He had come to see the positions forhimself. After he had seen the Turkish forces he thought theANZACs should evacuate. When he had discussed it with thesenior commanders he got his way. The trickiest part was escapingwithout the Turks getting suspicious. An Australian lieutenantsuggested they make a silent escape so their was to be no gunfire orsniping from the ANZAC troops. The evacuation was done in threestages:1.The ANZACs got ready for the evacuation and tricked the Turksinto thinking they were preparing for a winter campaign2.The first half of the ANZACs left for home leaving enough troopsto hold of a major Turkish attack.3.After a few days over night the remaining men would leave.
  4. 4. The symbol of ANZAC dayis the poppy. The reason wewear a poppy is becausethere was a battle onFlanders field where heapsof people died. TheANZACs were buriedunder this field. When thewar had ended a whole lotof poppies grew that is whywe wear a poppy onANZAC day.
  5. 5. Chunuk Bair was one of the high points of the Sari Bair range. My image below is a pinecone from Chunuk BairA huge battle was fought on Chunuk Bair between New Zealand mounted on a trophy. The inscription on the trophyand Britain fighting the Ottoman Empire. The allies took thepeak but after a few days the Ottoman Empire took Chunuk Bair says that his band held the land but too many willback. remain buried there.
  6. 6. The landing at Gallipoli was a disaster. The Tenthand the eleventh Battalions’ lines crossed over whichtook them to the wrong beach. The reason this wasbad was because there was no way up to the top andthere was machine gun fire coming from the leftwhile there was artillery fire coming from the rightbut to make it worse there were Snipers above them.They couldn’t tell who was who and they needed toget to the top of the cliffs. With shrapnel flyingeverywhere it made their goal even harder.
  7. 7. We commemorate ANZACday with a parade that startsbefore dawn. The Defenceservices march to the localwar memorial wheremembers of the publicsurround them. The serviceincludes National anthems,Hymns, Wreaths and the lastverse of “For the Fallen”. Thenthe last post is soundedfollowed by a minute ofsilence.