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Designing ambient


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MIT Tangibles class presentation about designing glanceable displays and services that leverage pre-attentive processing.

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Designing ambient

  1. 1. Designing Ambient @davidrose
  2. 2. the age-old fantasy: to know
  3. 3. PCs, PDAs, and smart phones will not bethe primary way most of us use the Internet
  4. 4. .com has given us portable content which people care about
  5. 5. Today’s interfaces demand a great deal of attention push pullInterruptive ComplexIntrusive Time-consumingRude Requires navigationOften embarrassing Fraught with maintenance problems
  6. 6. Ambient: quietly waiting for YOU to attend push ambient pullInterruptive •Peripheral ComplexIntrusive •Seamless with environment Time-consumingRude •Glanceable Requires navigationOften embarrassing •Pre-attentive Fraught with maintenance •Calm problems
  7. 7. How do we perceive? Stage 1: Stage 2: Early Processing Late Processing • Rapid parallel • Slower serial processing processing • Emphasis on symbols • Feature extraction • Volitional • Involuntary • “Software” • “Hardware” “basketball”
  8. 8. Pre-Attentive Processing• Independent of number of distracters• Parallel processing• < 250 ms acquisition time• Other tasks don’t degrade• Non-distracting
  9. 9. Pre-Attentive Examples
  10. 10. Pop Quiz: Which is pre-attentive?
  11. 11. SimpleAffordableElegantPeripheralCalmEven Polite?
  12. 12. A new category of Internet object?never breaks, never needs upgrades, never makes you feel stupid, that you’re delighted to live with for decades?
  13. 13. Summarization is worth more because it requires less of your timemotion color angle pattern textAmbiguous Specific more summarized more detailed FAST RICH
  14. 14. Knowing without thinking... How simple can we make an information awareness object?
  15. 15. Orb
  16. 16. Ubiquitous bit-trickling connectivity Scalable. Currently serving over 200,000 devices. Scalable to over 10 billion devices. Vast coverage. Data-casts currently cover over 90% of US population. Largest footprint of any wireless messaging network. Cost effective. Like a radio for Internet data, so no mandatory subscription fees.ambient
  17. 17. Ambient Information ChannelsFinance Travel Outdoors Health Messaging News Enterprise Other Shopping DOW Traffic Weather Air Quality Email Election Sales Web Traffic eBay Forecast Waiting Polls Trends FTSE Commute Ski Pollen IM Buddy Opinion Customer Online Time Index Status Polls sat Transactions NASDAQ Frequent Surf Mobile plan NewsFutures Inventory Homeland Flyer Miles minutes Security My Portfolio Sailing Next Profit Meeting Margins Bank Golf Employee Developer* Balance Utilization Credit Card Competition Balance ambient
  18. 18. The opportunity for Ambient Devices is 10x larger than handsets, because people spread multiple devices around their living environments. Investment trends Co-worker availability Weather forecasts Sales trends Family budget monitor Online marketing effectiveness Health tracker Balanced scorecard Media minder Security status Home Office Car Person Traffic congestion Golfing/Sailing conditions Family whereabouts Buddy status In-touch social reminders Meeting countdown Sports betting odds
  19. 19. Ambient datacasting system Online content Web Personalization eBook Umbrella Bulb Meter Mirror 8000 towers Post-it 90% of US GPS Watch Pillbox Fridgeambient
  20. 20. New York Times Magazine, December 2002November,2002
  21. 21. All devices are configured via web or (800) number 27
  22. 22. Fishing
  23. 23. Fishing
  24. 24. Fishing
  25. 25. Fishing
  26. 26. Fishing
  27. 27. Fishing
  28. 28. Developer* Open platforms have delightful serendipity, people currently use Ambient Devices to track: Call center metrics: customer satisfaction, wait time sales performance Real-time energy pricing for Southern California Edison Build status for at Microsoft’s development center Google Adword conversion rates Visitors to my companies web site Firewall status My Book’s position on Amazon’s best seller list Hot or Not rating Betting odds for the next Yankee’s game Friends online now ebay bids Blood sugar trends for diabetics Steps walked for weight watchers 34
  29. 29. ambient
  30. 30. ambient
  31. 31. After color -> angle
  32. 32. Temperature Forecast
  33. 33. How to not to be mistaken as a clock?
  34. 34. Single purpose, like the Orb, but infinitely configurable.What about Swappable faces?
  35. 35. How do we make it generic, like the Orb. Infinitely configurable?
  36. 36. But, co-axial doesn’t support three different typesof data with different scales…
  37. 37. Ambient Dashboardambient
  38. 38. Smart-swappable faces. Insertioninstantly reprogram the device. s ambient
  39. 39. What’s a common material, in which we could embed information?Glass
  40. 40. Weather Forecaster 47
  41. 41. LG RefrigeratorIn BestBuy HomeDepot & Sears stores now.ambient
  42. 42. Weather Wizard ambient
  43. 43. Weather Wizard 50
  44. 44. Defining Ambient: a new consumer electronics category Design Characteristics Technology characteristics Pre-attentive Tiny computational footprint Glance-able, no cognitive load little local processing or power required. requirements Calm Browser-less interface Non-intrusive, seamless with requires no navigation, zero-training, or environment. Evergreen. Friendly. lag-to-information. Universal Persistent connection No language, characters or numbers. information is continuously updated. Bit-trickled. Open Able to represent multiple types of Decision-driven data data, coded, private. sophisticated algorithms on the server- side personalize and summarize data feeds.
  45. 45. 52
  46. 46. 53
  47. 47. Behavioral feedback loopsaddress some billion dollar problems:Glanceable portfolio makes you trade 3x moreGlanceable traffic makes you spend less timestuck in traffic jamsGlanceable steps makes you walk 2x moreGlanceable energy pricing makes you conserve30% moreGlanceable nextbus predictions makes youtrust public transport and ride the bus 20%moreGlanceable bloodsugar levels makes you testyourself more often and better control yourdiabetes
  48. 48. Precise information, in precisely the wrong location
  49. 49. Exposing customers to energy prices flattens the demand curve.SCE Implementation: Off-Peak ------------------------- ----------------- Event Planned / Active C A IS O D a t a This saves a utility from buying energy on the spot market, laying new lines and building new plants 56
  50. 50. Joule
  51. 51. Energy Joule6 mo trial begins in May in 1000 NY ApartmentsConsumer Powerline manages 400k customers
  52. 52. Bus Pole ambient
  53. 53. Ambient Umbrella
  54. 54. Google Clock
  55. 55. ambient
  56. 56. Growth areas for Ambient: People spread multiple devices around their living environments. Home Office Car Person
  57. 57. Sailing Zone ambient
  58. 58. People spread Ambient devices around their living environments.
  59. 59. People spread Ambient devices around their living environments.
  60. 60. Our approach is to daily behavior with packaging
  61. 61. 3.5 Billion
  62. 62. Dramatically improving medicationz adherence through smart packaging, reminders, reports, and rewards.
  63. 63. VITALITY Non confidential confidential
  64. 64. Vitality addresses each of the root causes of non-adherence VITALITY
  65. 65. Patterns of adherence Took Missed May JuneABC Call and missed Call and took Persistence Issue
  66. 66. This is what poor-adherence looks like...Each row is person, each column is a day. Red indicates a missed dose. Control group=71% of doses taken
  67. 67. This is what adherence looks like with GlowCaps Over 95% of doses taken over 6 months
  68. 68. 1) Pharmacist deliver medication in a GlowCap “The smart pill cap will help you to remember with light, sound, and if you want, a reminder call.”
  69. 69. Each GlowCap has a unique IP address and barcode
  70. 70. 2) At home, you plug in the reminder light.
  71. 71. 3) Every day, the GlowCap and reminder lightflash for an hour, then play a ring tone every fewminutes until you open the GlowCap.
  72. 72. 3) Every day, the GlowCap and reminder lightflash for an hour, then play a ring tone every fewminutes until you open the GlowCap.
  73. 73. SimpleNo PC, Wifi or broadband required
  74. 74. 4) If the cap is still not opened, Vitality places anautomated call to ask “WHY?”
  75. 75. VITALITY Wellness offeringsCellular Hub GlowCap 2.0 Vitality Card Vitality Watch Mood + Meds Activity Food Sleep Stress
  76. 76. Vitality Watch • Stress is measured via galvanic skin response and pulse rate variability (shining a light into the arm under the wrist to get pulse rate) • Activity is measured via accelerometers • Sleep quality is also calculated • Schedule is presented on the face of the watch
  77. 77. Vitality Card • Tracks steps and uploads wireless to the Vitality hub • Local display shows progress with an e-ink fillbar • Couples activity with financial incentives