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Best Motorcycle Helmets


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Here is a great presentation on how to choose the best helmets, what factors need to be considered while choosing one, kinds of motorcycle helmets etc. To know more about motorcycle clothing, please visit

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Best Motorcycle Helmets

  2. 2. BEST MOTORCYCLE HELMETS Motorcycle helmet is the most crucial protective gear to keep bikers safe, comfortable and alert.  That’s because head injuries account for the majority of motorcycle fatalities and wearing helmet can effectively protect bikers heads from such fatal injuries.  In fact, several researches have claimed that wearing motorcycle helmet can save a biker’s life by 60% than those without helmets. 
  3. 3. MOTORCYCLE HELMET  Yap, it’s true that wearing helmets can’t guarantee that a rider won’t lose his life or be seriously injured by accident, but it can significantly reduce the risk of loosing life.  Not only that, a high quality motorcycle helmet can provide numerous benefits which aren’t possible by any other protective gears.  Do you really know all the great benefits that a motorcycle helmet offers???
  4. 4. BENEFITS OF MOTORCYCLE HELMETS Wearing motorcycle helmet whilst riding can actually provide plenty of benefits including the following:  Protect biker’s head and face if an accident occurs  Protect biker’s head and face from flying objects like rocks, bugs etc.  Reduce riding fatigue  Helps keep the rider alert  Help to keep concentration on the driving and the surroundings too.
  5. 5. BENEFITS OF MOTORCYCLE HELMETS  Protect rider’s face from stinging drops  Reduce the volume of distracting noise  Make the rider more visible to others on the road  Help keep a rider warm in extremely cold weather  Improved rider’s vision on the road and so on…
  6. 6. COMPONENTS OF A MOTORCYCLE HELMET Beste Qualität Motorradhelme are usually composed of 4 key components: 1. Hard outer shell 2. Crushable foam lining under the shell 3. Comfort lining next to biker’s head 4. Chin strap
  7. 7. COMPONENTS OF A MOTORCYCLE HELMET 1. Hard Outer Shell: It’s a thin, rigid outer shell which protect a biker’s head from puncture wounds and abrasions. 2. Crushable Lining: It’s a thick foam lining under the hard outer shell which protect the biker’s head by absorbing, spreading and reducing the impact of high energy which could traumatize the head and brain as a result of crash.
  8. 8. COMPONENTS OF MOTORRADHELME 3. Padded Comfort Lining: Padded lining surrounds and holds the biker’s head and creates a comfortable, snug fitting that every biker expects from his helmet. 4. Chin Strap: A sturdy chin strap cinched down with a pair of D-rings helps to keep the helmet in place.
  9. 9. FACTORS TO CONSIDER FOR CHOOSING THE BEST HELMET In order to choose the most suitable helmet, one has to consider several factors very carefully like the following:  The riding style of biker  Typical daily driving mileage  Climate condition in which to ride  Types of trails or roads where the biker usually rides  The season, for example summer or winter, in which the biker rides
  10. 10. TYPES OF MOTORCYCLE HELMETS You can find numerous designs of motorcycle helmets in motorradhelme shops. However, there are basically 4 types of helmets, currently available in the market: 1. Full-face helmet 2. Open face helmet 3. Modular/flip-up helmet 4. Off-road helmet
  11. 11. TYPES OF MOTORCYCLE HELMETS 1. 2.   Full-face Helmet: A volles gesicht Motorradhelm covers the entire head and most of the face and hence provides the maximum protection in the event of an accident. Open face Helmet: This helmet also covers the head but not as much as like a full-face helmet. There are two basic designs are available for open-face helmet: half-shell open face helmet Three-quarter open face helmet
  12. 12. TYPES OF MOTORCYCLE HELMETS 3. 4. Flip-up Helmet: This helmet is also called modular helmet. It’s actually a combination of attractive features of both full-face helmet and three-quarter helmet. Off-road Helmet: Off-road motorcycle helmet offers almost the same features and protection as like of a full-face street helmet. It’s unique features include a protruding chin guard, an elongated “brim” over the eye port etc.
  13. 13. MOTORCYCLE HELMETS  In fact, one can only get the best from his motorcycle helmet only if it is effectively compatible with rider’s preferences, riding styles, climate condition etc.  Hope you have liked the presentation and obviously learnt lots of new things today.
  14. 14. MOTORCYCLE HELMETS  If you have any other queries or questions regarding motorcycle helmets or other motorcycle clothing, please visit: WWW.BOGOTTO.DE