Best Board Certified Attorney Lawyer


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Looking for the best board certified attorney lawyer in Texas? Then check this out. This will definitely help you find such one. For more information, Please visit

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Best Board Certified Attorney Lawyer

  1. 1. Best Auto Accident Lawyer In Dallas
  2. 2. Do You Know • Auto accident is the main reason of personal injury of persons who ages between 1-34. • Someone is involved in car accident in every 10 seconds in the United States. • More than 40 thousands died and 3 million people injured each year in the U.S. due to auto accident.
  3. 3. Do You Know • More than 4,074 people died only in Texas due to auto accident. • “Board certified attorney lawyer” is a symbol of excellence, vast legal experience and professionalism. • Only 2% lawyer in Texas are board certified.
  4. 4. Do You Know • All these statistics make the state clear that auto accident is a severe problem in U.S. and there is only a few qualified lawyers to help those accident victims.
  5. 5. Here’s a Solution • The only best way to effectively deal with the auto accident situation and also with the insurance company is to get legal support from a professional board certified attorney Dallas. • Professional car accident attorney Dallas can ensure that you will get sufficient compensation from the insurance company.
  6. 6. Why You Should Hire a Board Certified Attorney Lawyer • Insurance companies appoint professional negotiators to settle lower compensation amount for the financial loss incurred by an accident. Professional auto accident lawyer can efficiently negotiate with the insurance negotiator. • An experienced car accident lawyer can ensure getting satisfactory settlement on behalf of auto victims.
  7. 7. Why You Should Hire a Board Certified Attorney Lawyer • Board certified lawyer possesses excellent academic records, vast legal experiences and professionalism which keeps the victims tension & anxiety free about getting a satisfactory compensation. • Such a lawyer can ensure recovering insurance claim in a shorter period as compared with ordinary accident lawyer.
  8. 8. Why You Should Hire a Board Certified Attorney Lawyer • Most of the board certified lawyers often provide free consultancy and legal support prior starting the trial. • Even, many professional lawyers often work on a contingency basis!!!
  9. 9. Misconception People often think that board certified attorney lawyer and licensed lawyer are same. But that’s not true because- A licensed lawyer only achieves a license to practise law in the state and A board certified lawyer has to get certified by the Bar Board going through many strict regulations.
  10. 10. Best Auto Accident Attorney • As far I know, Adam Hardison, Founder of the Hardison Law Firm, is the best auto accident attorney lawyer in Texas. Because- He completed his graduation from Baylor University and Baylor University Law School. He has 22 years of vast legal experiences Most importantly, he is a board certified attorney which only 2% of all attorneys have earned!!!
  11. 11. Hardison Law Firm
  12. 12. Thank You