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Writing for the Modern Web


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Writing for the modern web - Do you know how to write for the modern, mobile, and interactive web? Learn from our expert how to create a content strategy, how to write for the mobile web, and how to write content that makes customers respond. Presented at Computers in Libraries 2015 #CILDC

Published in: Marketing
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Writing for the Modern Web

  1. Writing for the Modern Web david lee king | |
  2. Content images videos words $$$
  3. Content images videos words $$$ awesome!
  4. Content images videos words $$$ Respons-ibility
  5. so let’s improve our words
  6. the Problem(s)
  7. #1we’re not writers
  8. General Reference Center:
 A general interest database that integrates a variety of sources in one easy-to-use interface. Use General Reference Center to find articles from magazines, reference books, and newspapers, many with full-text and images.
  9. Freegal: The Freegal Music Service is a download music service sold to Libraries for free use by its registered cardholders.
  10. #2we have 8 seconds
  11. 9 seconds 
 for a 
  12. 8 seconds to grab a reader’s attention
  13. People Product Process
  14. the People
  15. know your customers
  16. know your customers
  17. Have a focus
  18. know your staff, too
  19. Two
  20. the Product
  21. words are a product
  22. focus
 on the 
 right things
  23. the Process
  24. titles!
  25. wikipedia
  26. simplify & shorten
  27. cut the fat
  28. ignore your english teacher
  29. readability
  30. say no to
 weird formats
  31. conversational
  32. active voice - not passive Jane hit the ball. The ball was hit by Jane.
  33. use
  34. keywords & hashtags #CILDC
  35. know speling errores
  36. re-use
 content website Facebook Twitter
  37. where to start?
  38. have fun!
  39. thanks!
  40. Q&A?