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Tweet Like You Mean It! Twitter Strategies For Tweeps


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Strategies for customer engagement using twitter and twitter tools

Published in: Technology, Business
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Tweet Like You Mean It! Twitter Strategies For Tweeps

  1. Tweet Like you Mean It! Twitter Strategies for Tweeps david lee king topeka & shawnee county public library
  2. do some planning, then jump!
  3. bad reasons
  4. It’s Cool! bad reasons
  5. It’s New! bad reasons
  6. Oprah! bad reasons
  7. because we can! bad reasons
  8. good reasons
  9. good reasons connect!
  10. good reasons share stuff!
  11. good reasons be the library!
  12. Strategy & Planning
  13. answering some “Who?” questions
  14. This person needs to like Twitter...
  16. Can they go to tweetups?
  17. how often?
  18. Goals?
  19. listen first.
  20. Can you add to this?
  21. listen first.
  22. listen first.
  23. listen first.
  24. sharing
  25. measuring success
  26. measuring numbers
  27. measuring interaction
  28. measuring sentiment
  29. measuring stories
  30. tools that might help
  31. finding people
  32. ?