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Seven Essential Elements to an Awesome Library Website


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Ever had that feeling there was something missing on your website, or something not quite right ... but you couldn't put your finger on it? David does just that in this presentation. David describes the seven essential elements to a library website, and they aren't what you think! Leave with ideas to improve your library's website!

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Seven Essential Elements to an Awesome Library Website

  1. 7 EssentialElements to Awesome an Library Websitedavid lee king | topeka & shawnee county public library |
  2. It’s Ned’s fault!
  3. made me think...
  4. Customers wantsomething to read,1. watch, & listen to when they visit the library
  5. Not thereal goal
  6. Not thereal goal
  7. Not thereal goal
  8. provide ebooks ebooks
  9. you can’t get this ebooks at the “real” library!
  10. engageinsocialmedia
  11. socialbook reviews
  12. multimedia
  13. create somethingfor them to do
  14. Customers havequestions, & 2.ask atthe library
  15. Goal: answer Questions
  16. Customers need to know thenormal stuff, too.
  17. provide basic info
  18. provide basic info
  19. provide basic info
  20. provide basic info
  21. share the normal stuff too
  22. Goal: tell peoplethe normal stuff
  23. Websites need actual staff! 4.
  24. library building
  25. website = actual work
  26. + freetheme
  27. website =real staff
  28. Goal: staff the website
  29.! 5.
  30. library geek : -)goals goals You should be here
  31. Goal: create & meet goals
  32. reach beyond your webbish 6.
  33. go wherepeople gather
  34. tweetup, SMC,conference, ev tweetup, SMCgatheringnference, event gatherin
  35. Goal: go wherepeople gather
  36. mobile- friendly7.
  38. brainstorm first
  39. Goal: be mobile friendly
  40. 1 2 3RE:Goals 4 7 6 5
  41. don’t forget this
  42. Thank You!