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what’s adigitalbranch?
The library...only digital
3 Goals:1. all services = physical & digital2. use the web to build unique stuff3. to some, it’s the only branch
ask         find read watch    listen
how we runthe DigitalBranch
the team
who creates                                                                                            content?thinklikeal...
content on thedigital branch
What kindof content?
Rob’soffice[I sit here]
2necessities it
2.  public services  staff creating  the
start with what you have
check          ou t            e s                   r s it            p u la        p ot h e
full redesign
biggest thingsto remember
Talk to your Customers        
biggest things to remember               
improve your  community biggest things to remember
know your patrons
thank you!
Building and Running a Digital Branch
Building and Running a Digital Branch
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Building and Running a Digital Branch


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Every library needs an online presence. Whether you work at a large academic library or a public library in a small town, your library needs an active online community where customers can interact - with you and with each other. In this session, David takes you through the process of building an effective, user-friendly digital branch that will exand and enhance your library's online presence.

By the end of this session, attendees will understand what it takes to create and run a digital branch. They'll also come away with tips on expanding and enhancing their library's online presence.

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