Twitter for small business


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Presentation given to Navan Chamber on Twitter for Small Business by David Browne of BEe Advertised

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Twitter for small business

  1. 1.      A Social Networking site for communicating or micro-blogging A “tweet” is a short message of 140 Characters or less Users “follow” other users, once users follow you, your tweets will appear on their homepage Direct Messages can also be sent to users privately Users use hashtags(#) to allow people find similar topics and tweets such as #navan or #irishbiz
  2. 2.      Twitter is good for connecting and networking with other users who share your interest, job skills, geographical area and business products. Users can get instant results on what is being communicated about your business, staff or products. Twitter is a constant source of ideas, resources and support Customers often tweet for customer and technical support It is an instant line of communication
  3. 3.        Branding Hiring Traffic Building Professional Networking Publicity News Feedback     Peer Relationships Competitive Tracking Search Engine Optimisation Mobile Visability
  4. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Your username should be you brand name such as @beeadvertised Start following people that you would like to follow you back such as followers of the Local Chamber of Commerce Share knowledge, become an authority. Keep your tweets interesting or informative Give compliments on twitter to other businesses eg if your in a restaurant who are on twitter, tweet them to say you had a nice meal, Generate some interaction with people who you are following. Don’t get too controversial on twitter while using your business account, remember you are representing your business. Use Twitter to drive traffic to your website Tweet links to websites which will engage your followers. Include current trending keywords in your tweets
  5. 5.   A hashtag groups tweets on a particular subject. When you add a ‘#’ in front of a word it automatically creates a link One of the most popular hashtags in Ireland is the #vinb which creates conversations relating to the Vincent Browne TV show.
  6. 6.        Tweet: A single twitter message of 140 Characters or less Profile: Your twitter persona, including contact info and 160 character profile Follower: Unilateral relationship in which a person chooses to receive all of your tweets Tweetstream: The flow of tweets from people you follow Public timeline: The globally visible Twitter Stream @reply : Public Response to a single user that is shown on both users public timeline Retweet: Twitter message forwarded to another members followers
  7. 7.       Direct Message : Private tweet equivalent to an email Block: Prevent a user from following you Tweetup: Meeting organised via twitter List: Group of tweeters Favourite : Saved Tweet Geotag : Optional geographical location
  8. 8. Facebook trends help a user discover what users are tweeting about on twitter at a given time will allow users to join in conversations and become noticed. Trends taken from Sunday 16/02/2014
  9. 9.      They allow you reach a specific target audience They allow you monitor your reputation They allow better customer service They allow you promote special events or contests They help you find relevant twitter chats
  10. 10.    Every Wednesday night between 9-11pm twitter comes alive with Irish entrepreneurs discussing business and their industry. It’s virtual business networking. It is a form of virtual/social business networking The attending business spend the evening networking from the comfort of their own desk or sofa!
  11. 11.    One of the key elements of a tweet is being able to generate traffic to your website from it however with only 140 characters in a tweet it is important that links be short. In order for tweets to be kept short URL’s need to be shortened using a URL shortener. Introducing (live demo)