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UBTech - The Digital Liberal Arts Experience: Expand Learning Without Leaving Campus


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Hendrix College, named a top up and coming liberal arts college by US News & World Report for the past five years, seeks to bring high-quality education to its students beyond the boundaries of its Arkansas campus. To spread its liberal arts wings, Hendrix College coordinates with the Associated Colleges of the South (ACS), a consortium of 16 distinguished liberal arts colleges, to co-teach between campuses. Instantly, the curriculum and teaching assets blossomed to include more than 3,000 faculty of the combined ACS schools. Hendrix instructors also created their own blended learning experiences, coordinating with universities as far away as China. Discover how Hendrix College’s CIO David J. Hinson created a robust yet cost-efficient technology infrastructure that supports this new blending of traditional and digital liberal arts learning and enriches the academic experience of Hendrix students without ever leaving campus.

Best practices for incorporating a digital liberal arts curriculum, including which comes first, technology or curriculum?

Technical issues to consider, such as bandwidth, bridging, network, and video conferencing platforms

How a cloud-based video conferencing solution can bring flexibility and affordability in blended learning initiatives

Examples of blending learning in action, including American politics and Chinese cross-cultural relations

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UBTech - The Digital Liberal Arts Experience: Expand Learning Without Leaving Campus

  2. 2. Named  a  top  up  and  coming  liberal  arts  college  by  US  News  &  World  Report  for  the  past  five  years,  Hendrix  College  provides  a  high-­‐‑quality  education  to  its  students  beyond  the  boundaries  of  its  Arkansas  campus.   Hendrix  College  is  a  member  of  the  Associated  Colleges  of  the  South  (ACS),  a  consortium  of  16  distinguished  liberal  arts  colleges.
  3. 3. The  curriculum  and  teaching  assets  potentially  include  more  than  3,000  faculty  of  the  combined  ACS  schools.   Hendrix  instructors  have  also  created  their  own  blended  learning  experiences,  coordinating  with  universities  as  far  away  as  China.   Let’s  discuss  how  Hendrix  College  created  a  robust,  yet  cost-­‐‑efficient,  technology  infrastructure  that  supports  this  new  blending  of  traditional  and  digital  liberal  arts  learning  and  enriches  the  academic  experience  of  Hendrix  students,  without  ever  leaving  campus.
  4. 4. Which  Comes  First:  Technology  or  Curriculum? Pedagogy  always  drives  Technology
  5. 5. Which  Comes  First:  Technology  or  Curriculum? The  Challenge: Design  “Future  Proof”  Teaching  Spaces,  that  Support  Engaged  Learning
  6. 6. Platforms,  Bridging,  and  Networks The  Design
  7. 7. The  Design Platform:  Endpoints  that  support  SIP  /   h.323 Bandwidth:  More  is  Always  Be`er. Bridging:  SaaS  –  Software  as  a  Service Teaching  Space:  Put  the  Technology  Where  Teaching  Happens
  8. 8. Bridging
  9. 9. American  Political  Parties  and  Elections Blending  Learning  in  Action
  10. 10. Writing  the   Natural  State Blending  Learning  in  Action
  11. 11. Constructive  Postmodernism Journeys  East  and  West Blending  Learning  in  Action
  12. 12. TART  120:  Voice,  Articulation,  and  Text  Reading Blending  Learning  in  Action
  13. 13. TART  120  Video
  14. 14. Best  Practices
  15. 15. Best  Practices Plan Facilitate Backchannel Plan  B Audience Practice
  16. 16. Questions?
  17. 17. Thank  You!
  18. 18. h`p://
  19. 19. h`p://
  20. 20. hinson  @ @davidjhinson