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  • To adopt a metaphor, think of me – and the other members of the course teaching team - as your assistant navigators on your journey toward the effective and innovative integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) into both your teaching and your learning as a professional educator.
  • That was certainly a mouthful of verbiage. But hopefully it is verbiage that - by the end of this journey - you will be able to reflect back on as some indication of what you’ve gained. Of course, this journey toward the transformation of your learning and teaching through the use of Information and Communication Technologies is a journey that will not end in a few months with the close of the course.
  • Think of this course as the early stages of your journey toward the effective and innovative integration of ICTs into both your teaching and your learning as a professional educator. We hope to lay the ground work for you to continue this journey long after you have left the course.
  • At times, this journey will have you travelling down paths that don’t always look all that inviting. In fact, there are likely to be paths along this journey that are downright difficult – even painful. There may even be paths that have you wondering why the hell you set out on this journey at all.
  • The old cliché – no pain, no gain – has some application here. Seriously, it’s at times of cognitive difficulty. The times when your conceptions are being challenged when you can find moments of significant learning.
  • It’s at times like this, that I hope the teaching staff and your fellow travellers - the other pre-service teachers in the course - can help. Help by providing some pointers to alternate paths that we’ve taken. Helping by sharing tools, concepts, models and theories that help you map out enjoyable paths out of those difficult places. It is the diversity of perspectives offered by your fellow travellers that will help you along your journey andalso help take your journey to unexpected places.
  • Hopefully your journey will take you to transformative places. To reflective and creative places. To fun places.
  • Diversity is a key attribute of this course. The diversity of the travellers taking this journey and the hugely diverse array of possibilities offered by ICTs for learning and teaching means that few of you will make the same journey. By celebrating and sharing that diversity I’m hoping we can each enrich each other’s journey toward the effective and innovative integration of ICTs into both our learning and teaching.
  • Please take the time to look through the course orientation resources on the study desk and work through the activities each week. Search out your fellow travellers, talk with them, work with them and enrich your journey. Your efforts in this will largely determine the quality of your journey this semester. And remember, it’s the quality of the journey that is important, not the distance travelled.
  • I fully expect to learn a great deal from this course and from you. Thus furthering my own journey. I hope your journey is as fruitfull. Bon voyage and happy trails.
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