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Course analysis and design: Teachers' Thinking


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Takes a look at some ideas around the thinking of teachers with the hope of getting new teaching staff at CQUniversity to reconsider some of their own thinking and/or challenge the validity of some of the ideas mentioned.

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Published in: Education
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Course analysis and design: Teachers' Thinking

  1. 1. Course analysis & design: Thinking David J o nes
  2. 2. Student Teachers’ Strategies Teachers’ Planning Teachers’ Thinking Teaching/ Learning Context Teachers’ Thinking Introduce different perspectives Think about analysis of your course, students and needs
  3. 3. Consider the following questions Have you seen this in your life? Implications for your future practice?
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Consider the following questions Have you seen this in your life? Implications for your future practice?
  6. 6. I remember when
  7. 7. Technology, education and implications Implications for you of Second Life and immersive 3D worlds? Blogs and wikis – Wikipedia? YouTube?
  8. 8. Students today can’t prepare bark to calculate their problems. They depend on their slates which are more expensive. What will they do when the slate is dropped and it breaks? They will be unable to write!
  9. 9. Teacher’s Conference 1703
  10. 10. Students today depend on paper too much. They don’t know how to write on a slate without getting chalk dust all over themselves. They can’t clean a slate properly. What will they do when they run out of paper?
  11. 11. Principal's Association 1815
  12. 12. Students today depend too much upon ink. They don’t know how to use a pen knife to sharpen a pencil. Pen and ink will never replace the pencil.
  13. 13. National Association of Teachers - 1907
  14. 14. Students today depend upon store bought ink. They don’t know how to make their own. When they run out of ink they will be unable to write words or ciphers until their next trip to the settlement. This is a sad commentary on modern education.
  15. 15. The Rural American Teacher - 1928
  16. 16. Students today depend on these expensive fountain pens. They can no longer write with a straight pen and nib. We parents must not allow them to wallow in such luxury to the detriment of learning how to cope in the real business world which is not so extravagant.
  17. 17. PTA Gazette - 1941
  18. 18. Ballpoint pens will be the ruin of education in our country. Students use these devices and then throw them away. The American values of thrift and frugality are being discarded. Business and banks will never allow such expensive luxuries.
  19. 19. Federal Teachers - 1950
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Awareness Test
  22. 22. Inattentional blindness phenomenon of not being able to see things that are actually there No internal frame of reference Focus somewhere else
  23. 23.
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Interlude
  26. 26.
  27. 27. A vision of students today
  28. 29. Teaching
  29. 30.
  30. 31. A course as a BUILDING Building Course as a
  31. 32.
  32. 33.
  33. 34.
  34. 35. Suburb or City Program as
  35. 36.
  36. 37.
  37. 38.
  38. 39. Academic as a Owner-builders Teaching academics as
  39. 40.
  40. 41. City Councils Faculties/CQU as
  41. 42. Associated building trades Desktop publishing Copy editing Multimedia design Curriculum design E-learning
  42. 43. A nalysis D esign D evelopment I mplementation E valuation Course design
  43. 44. 0:32 to 8:13
  44. 45. Teaching is not rocket science. It is, in fact, far more complex and demanding work than rocket science. Richard F. Elmore, Gregory Anrig Professor of Educational Leadership Harvard Graduate School of Education.
  45. 46.
  46. 47.