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Creating Online Experiences - Digital Media at the Field Museum


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A presentation given by John McCarter at the TTI/Vanguard "Serious Fun" conference.

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Creating Online Experiences - Digital Media at the Field Museum

  1. 1. Creating OnlineExperiencesJohn McCarter - The Field Museum
  2. 2. The Museum on the WebBuilding for the future
  3. 3. • is one of the first major sites to launch in Drupal 7• Top-to-bottom overhaul with extensibility foremost in mind
  4. 4. So what’s next?
  5. 5. Gems & Jewels eBookThe Field Museum... To Go
  6. 6. • A collection, an exhibit, a book, and now an interactive experience available on iTunes for iPad• A marriage of Museum collections, scientific expertise, and digital platforms
  7. 7. Gems Video
  8. 8. Abbott Hall ofConservationDesigning for Digital
  9. 9. • Exhibit interactions evolved: from placard to video to digital media• Kid-friendly media reveals and explains complex scientific concepts
  10. 10. Abbott Hall Video
  11. 11. WhyReefVirtual Learning through Games
  12. 12. • Game-based learning of Museum science in a virtual world• Over 140,000 unique visitors in the first year
  13. 13. WhyReef video
  14. 14. Digital PlanetLearning to solve problems for the 21st Century
  15. 15. • A new Museum Experience for a new generation• Interaction and participation strengthens lifelong engagement with science and the Museum
  16. 16. Digital Planet video
  17. 17. Science PodcastsBehind the Scenes at the Field Museum
  18. 18. • Sharing with the world our wealth of knowledge and expertise• Real people, doing real science, every day
  19. 19. Science Podcast video
  20. 20. EpilogueNatural History is Change & Evolution
  21. 21. The Field