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Presentation given to Entrepreneurs' Organization in Chicago, February 2010. Social media for the entrepreneur, where do I start, what do I do, should I be on Twitter, how to use Twitter and social media RIO. All the answers the entreprenuer wants about social media, what should I do, what will it cost and what will it do for my business.

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  • Tricks Standing ovation (make everyone stand, and say like controlling a room like that) Move back row to front (Ben Zander) Get people clapping and saying hello for real
  • Our attention span is about the time it takes to read 140 characters Graphics, not tons of text Death by PowerPoint Memory / brain ????? Use graphics, you will remember better and be interested Interrupt any time, questions, anything, this is interactive Techniques from Garr Reynolds and Nancy Durante (TED coach), can give more info if needed
  • Who am I and why am I talking to you?
  • -We had voicemail, email and now Twitter, Facebook and whatever is next The platform does not matter Keys Communication more open More instant Attention span even shorter, super ADD
  • Where are the conversations happening? Twitter, Facebook Location (Foursquare, Gowalla) Reviews (Yelp, Google)Conversations are happening everywhere, you better be a part of them Left blogs out on purpose as that is content creation and harder to have a conversation
  • Simple answer is depends on your business but anyone can be on Twitter If people are talking about your business you better be there Make yourself approachable and a real voice, not matter position in the company Personal branding Connect with new people
  • Should be both personal and company, different content and different goals Create an expert voice One share goal of creating an expert voice Personal can be all about the entrepreneurial journey nothing to do with industry or business Talk about learning from EO events like this Business is more specific, SEO benefits
  • I am a busy entrepreneur, what do I do today? Do not hire someone to just do this for you (can be part of long term strategy) Outside firms could provide strategy, but not needed
  • Find what people are saying, about… you your company competitors industry
  • Register your name, company name, product name Like a domain name Can buy names for under $500 Register on all the sites with tools like,
  • Follow interesting people, entrepreneurs, industry leaders Listen and see which people you like the most and why It will not be the ones that only talk about themselves
  • - Setup keyword searches for you and company
  • Do not just puke content from your blog, website or other sources
  • Engage people in real conversations Share content that is valuable to you or your industry
  • Alerts on keywords of interest Industry people Customers
  • Just respond to people like you would a normal conversation No puking content, have a conversation Share content that is valuable to you, which means you better be reading, learning and growing
  • Thank people for using your company if they mention you Reach out to people with negative experiencesEnd result, when someone asks about you, your customers respond for you People trust customers more than you
  • Now decide if it is right for you and your company You have to “buy in” and be a leader Now you can hire or have someone else manage company and long term strategy, not a firm You must stay engaged, visible, and valuable
  • Support how they want it, when they want itComcast JetBlue Monitor and be quick to respond Be honest when you make a mistake
  • New services (games) from Foursquare and Gowalla Concept is, checkin and collect points or tokens Who cares why, and how useful to the consumer, it will be As a business (with a location) – wow Reward frequent customers Provide better service to most outspoken group (sneezers) Restaurant example with manager People compete and must visit the location Promote products to people in real time when they are in your location or a competitor
  • You better be writing There are SEO benefits but it cannot be the goal You should write or find a ghost writer to help Valuable and sharable content, not promoting or selling your company or service Integrate your true interests and life, everyone has a story
  • Social media polices are BS, it is just another channel Encourage employees to participate Engage customers Puts a personal face and feel to your company
  • Core purpose The “why” we do things Answers the question of why should I work here Bigger than one thing
  • Core values The base of everything we do The “how” we do things Answer difficult questions Not the standard crap of honesty and respect, those are expected to play
  • Culture Empower the team to own and do on their own 4 weeks vacation Balance, take a break, make it simpleWii room w/ turf Fun, connect employees, move around Summer Fridays Involve family, have fun, learn, enjoy the weather Healthy snacks, drinks, soda and lunch
  • Authenticity Authentic conversations creates sales Starts with values Heart / is who we are Agency could never do Create concept and then source best people for expertise Matches our core purpose Communicate with people, email, Twitter, phone, always open
  • Stand out Everyone is making noise Everyone sends crap in the mail (pens, shirts, stickers) Everyone sends press releases Everyone has a message Standout with something different, get the attention of the right people Combine your core values/culture and authenticity
  • Get the right people talking Do not copy, innovate Find the influencers / sneezers Hard to measure but the results come There is no quick hit trick, has to be unique and come from you
  • Combines, sight, smell, taste and social media User generated content, actual package People love showing what they got Exclusive, # on tag People posting the bag number they got
  • FedEx envelope no letter Just a tag, numbered, URL to the video Exclusive, since numbered out of 5000 Simple text, creating a “movement” Create curiosity, making them visit the page Is not “marketing” or “typical” Whole Foods looking bag, zip lock top, added to the why question
  • Passes the gatekeeper/screener and gets attention Crazy to see so many packages Fun, families came in FedEx actually helpful once we got deal Print labels Give help if need Billing challenges, large company They got good PR from it
  • Sales based PR Marketing and sales functionTalk to reporters who say yes, not editors who say no Take what is there and create more, recycle Pushed for attention, was easy with the door open Blog outreach, video and bags separate Follow-up created more stories Fake follow-up, Called radio and TV and said you did not get, resend (never actually sent) Open up future doors and connections Not pushing the story, just there as a resource
  • - Case study available /5000casestudy
  • Why Change the world, inspire, and make our economy better BrandingGrasshopper = entrepreneur / entrepreneurship Results Very positive, no sales Conversation is active Get people saying I heard about that Customers are even more proud they are customers
  • story Lots of talk, but need action
  • Produce 13 times more patents per employee than large patenting firms; these patents are twice as likely as large firm patents to be among the one percent most cited.
  • Life goal speak at TED Obama see the video and help entrepreneurs Ask: if there is somewhere I should talk, help me make that connection
  • Social Media for the Entrepreneur - EO Chicago

    1. 1. Social Media for the Entrepreneur @dh #eochicago
    2. 2. Our attention span is shrinking.
    3. 3. 5+ ventures
    4. 4. 6 years in current business
    5. 5. 50 employees
    6. 6. 80,000+ entrepreneurs served
    7. 7. Social media is just another inbox.
    8. 8. Should I be on ?
    9. 9. Social media is about you and your company.
    10. 10. Busy entrepreneur?
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Register @ names
    13. 13. Start following… listening
    14. 14. Don’t puke content.
    15. 15. Do have authentic conversations.
    16. 16. F**k complex strategy
    17. 17. Listen to relevant conversations
    18. 18. Start authentic conversations
    19. 19. Engage those that talk
    20. 20. Invest with personal engagement
    21. 21. Location is coming, be ahead of the curve.
    22. 22. Forget strategy, you should be writing and sharing content.
    23. 23. Social media polices are bullsh*t, stick with values.
    24. 24. Return on Investment
    25. 25. Culture is the building block of a great company.
    26. 26. Authenticity is more important than “selling”.
    27. 27. Stand out from the crowd, don’t join it.
    28. 28. Buzz
    29. 29. What did it cost to send? $47,292 $9.46 Cost per bag
    30. 30. PR is helping reporters do their job, not selling your crap
    31. 31. @GuyKawasaki  -­‐  Chocolate  covered  grasshoppers:  An  example  of  a  viral  re-­‐ brand  h9p://  (see  also  h9p://  GR     @JasonCalacanis  -­‐  Wow...  Thanks  to  the  person  who  sent  me  chocolate   covered  grasshoppers.  Really.  Excited...  Thanks.  h9p://     @kevinrose  -­‐  just  tricked  a  coworker  (@dtrinh)  into  eaBng  a  chocolate  covered   grasshopper  -­‐  I  should  probably  buy  him  lunch     @IncMagazine  -­‐  EffecBve  PR  technique:  send  chocolate  covered  grasshoppers   to  everyone  on  a  publicaBon's  staff.  They  are  guaranteed  to  talk  about  it.     @ckeene  -­‐  A9ended  Web  2.0  Cocktail  Party  on  a  rare  beauBful  SF  evening  -­‐  talk   ranged  from  chocolate  grasshoppers  to  how  fast  SMBs  will  adopt  cloud  
    32. 32. What did it cost to produce? $18,708
    33. 33. Why we entrepreneurs do what we do
    34. 34. Entrepreneurship
    35. 35. DAVID HAUSER @dh