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Purpose of concept art


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Purpose of concept art

  1. 1. Purpose of Concept Art Many people believe that the images that are shown on events like E3 or comic con are the concept art this is somewhat true but you do not get to see the proses that took place to make those images it happens in 3 stages and-myth-busting-stages.jpg 1ST stage rexmarquez-d7smz4v.jpg
  2. 2. First an artist will draw to get an idea of what he what to make the design will be rough but it is only an example of what is to come a very basic idea that will be looked at by different people and then allowed to enter stage 2 2ND stage Next he will draw up some concept art for people in his company like lead artists or production managers these art renderings tend to look a little cleaned up and coloured so that the people who came to observe his work can get a general idea of what the character or object will look like at the end 3RD stage yBVHC0ewo_M/UGZVVrBUW3I/AAAAAAAAAw8/RAjVewWnldg/s1600/re2-leon- kennedy1.jpg
  3. 3. Then there is the final stage that we see at the conventions they will look as cool as they can and be spread around the internet to gain hype for the game and in effect boosting sales Once the art is don the artist will spend time making awesome art backgrounds and adding in the character it will all relate to the game then the images will be put into a presentation and taken to some gaming events like e3 the images will be shown on display there and huge crowds of people will become hyped for the game but this art work is not for design work just community hype here is an example : As the proses moves on the art changes it can start of as a knight and end in a archer the way this works comes down to the artist and what he feels will look right the people above him like the lead artist will have a say on what happens a lot of artist who make characters for a game will use the objects around them for help whether it be for a style or trait of the character for example to build up a character you can use a mood board of items that work to make a good looking concept art for the game and-myth-busting-hong-ly-uncharted-2.jpg A lot of artist use this to make the best art at a fast pace a gaming company need a lot of art with a little detail than one rendering with lots of detail so finding a balance of speed and quality is vital to working in art in alto of cases you will find yourself redrawing on character to fin the wright look this tends to be in the second stage as you may think one look is good but trying out a few gives you the chance to make the best passible concept art possible also trying out different art styles is good idea as a character may look awful as a cartoon but look great as a sell shaded character this can be a good way of finding the path that the art should follow that is the whole point of art to fire and miss constantly till you get that perfect hit
  4. 4. and-myth-busting-mass-effect-2-matt-rhodes.jpg ‘’We need to understand, that what is sold as concept art publicly rarely is representative of what concept artist actually have to do and how they do it. Concept art is not what you create and publish to hype already established visuals. Concept art is all the dirty work you have to do in order to establish the visuals to begin with.’’