Kentucky Press Assoc.01.23.09


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Robert Rubrecht from NAA spoke at the 2009 KPA convention in Louisville. He shared his expertise and research on current circulation trends.

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Kentucky Press Assoc.01.23.09

  1. Today: Look at various trends taking place in Circulation / Audience Development in areas such as: Distribution Single Copy Acquisition & Retention Metrics
  2. During the Process Two Goals for Today: Foster Communication Provide Ideas for Revenue / Audience Growth
  3. Distribution Delivery Agent Man Distribution Centers Contraction Alliances Digital / Hybrid Editions Address Specific Delivery
  4. Distribution Delivery Agent Man Distribution Centers 2002 – 28%; 2006 – 35%; >25K – 59% Adult Carriers 2002 – 67%; 2006 – 81% Contraction - Pulling back from outlying areas: Atlanta, Fayetteville, NC -reduce expense, concentrate on core
  5. Distribution Alliances – working with competitors: Dallas- Fort Worth; Chicago; Hagerstown, MD - increase revenue - reduce expense Chicago Tribune: - technology-Handhelds Wall Street Journal - carrier pool USA Today New York Times Red Eye Chicago Sun- Times And more…
  6. Distribution Digital / Hybrid Editions – using online products to expand reach: Detroit; Colorado Springs - reduce printing & distribution expense - NIE Address Specific Delivery – unbundling of the newspaper sections / tailored delivery - TV Books – opt-in – several papers - Business/Finance - Austin
  7. Single Copy Retailer Partnerships Scan Based Trading Premium Pricing / Specific Day Price Adjustments
  8. Single Copy Retailer Partnerships SC Sales: 2000 – 35% News rack / 60% OTC 2006 – 30% News rack / 65% OTC OTC Locations: 2000 – 150; 2006 – 185 D / 225 S
  9. Single Copy – Promotion – Top Taco Abilene Reporter The premise was to have two coupons in the paper each day pitting competing Taco restaurants to determine who had the best tacos in town. The store receiving the most coupon redemptions after two days would move on in the brackets
  10. Single Copy – Promotion – Top Taco Abilene Reporter Single Copy up YOY •297 Daily •130 Sunday Vending Machine sales at outlets increased Positive promotion for newspaper, businesses and readers
  11. Single Copy - Promotion Mapco Express $25,000 Agreement Elvis Week Target high-volume lunch businesses. Use newspaper labels New Account 50 daily / 65 Sunday Mystery Shoppers Suggestive Selling 2100 D / 350 S
  12. Single Copy Scan Based Trading – Papers that have POS accounts: 2000 7%; 2006 67% Third Party Vendors: The Nexxus Group (13) iControl Systems (11) Wal*Mart CVS Kroger Barnes & Noble Food Lion Cumberland Farms Speedway SuperAmerica Safeway Sunoco Winn-Dixie WaWa Schnucks
  13. Single Copy – Scan Based Trading Retailer Benefits: •Ease of inventory–no need to count papers at delivery •Payment on scanned newspapers only •Returns process ease–in some cases, papers tossed •Ease of billing–one check to write (CBP)
  14. Single Copy – Scan Based Trading Publisher Benefits: •Access to new accounts •Efficiency improvement for the distributor—removes the time-consuming collection responsibility •Delivery window is more flexible •Easier to execute—switch to direct company billing •Automation allows for quicker payment A few other thoughts: •Basics – attaining a UPC / Self-audits •Ensure your paper is scanned •Negotiate placement, secondary location and additional POP •Audits - Scan results vs. traditional
  15. Single Copy Premium Pricing / Specific Day •Thanksgiving Day •Early Sunday program Price Adjustments •Revenue Responsibility
  16. Acquisition & Retention The Diversified Sales Channels Target Marketing Retaining Subscribers with Technology
  17. Acquisition & Retention The Diversified Sales Channels 2000 2006 Telemarketing 58% 35% Carriers 13% 9% Crew Sales 9% 11% Direct Mail 7% 8% Kiosk 4% 13% Other 10% 9% Single Copy 7% Internet 4% E-mail 1%
  18. Acquisition & Retention Target Marketing Seeking customer similar to your current subscribers: NYTRMG: Lakeland Ledger The Readership Growth Strategy. Maximize core print product penetration among areas most valued. Three target groups: * Younger * Family * Mature
  19. Acquisition & Retention Lakeland Ledger (Continued) Coordinated and integrated campaign Telemarketing Direct Mail Email Marketing Product Sampling
  20. Acquisition & Retention Retaining Subscribers with Technology -Retention efforts based on behavior – Lexington Herald-Leader -Relationship / Bonding programs delivered electronically: Washington Post – Emails, Post Points, La Porte Herald Argus – Reverse Auctions
  21. Metrics What are we counting? What should we be counting? Circulation Readership Web-site Usage Ancillary / Niche Products
  22. Questions & Discussion
  23. Thank You Robert L. Rubrecht Director/Circulation Marketing Newspaper Association of America 571-366-1032