The role of the community manager


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The role of the community manager

  1. 1. Their role and how they give value to the company and community users
  2. 2. Tasks
  3. 3. Job DescriptionSummary of position:The Community Manager is anappointed administrator for clients’corporate social media communities (i.e. Facebook Page). It is more of a brandambassador, responsible for moderatingUser Generated Content that appearsand escalating any issues to theappropriate internal/client teams.
  4. 4. Key responsibilitiesCommunity strategy ○ Assist with creation, conception, and presentation of social media strategy and integrated marketing campaigns. ○ Interpret the direction of strategy/planning and creative leads. ○ Communicate and coordinate client service, production and strategy/planning teams ensuring that community strategy supports overall brand goals and objectives.Management and moderation ● Listening & reporting ○ Utilize social listening tools like Sysomos and Buzzlogic to generate insights ○ Summarize insights and conversations to create actionable, client-facing reports that lead to optimization ○ Monitor all streams, all brand channels, set up Google allerts ● Publishing ○ Create and maintain Content Calendars, including writing Facebook Status Updates ○ Post relevant content in accordance with Content Calender
  5. 5. Key responsibilities ● Moderation ○ Review user generated comments and posts in a quick and timely manner ○ Respond to comments, when appropriate, in order to foster a positive community and add value to the user’s experience. ○ Enforce the Social Media Guidelines as defined by the brand. ○ Escalate User Generated Content, where appropriate, to internal and client stakeholders. ○ Consistent, helpful, friendly approach ○ 24/7 job ○ In case of crisis embrace transparency, do not delete anything, if possible take the conversations offlineTeam leadership ○ Participate constructively in inter-department and cross-service line communications
  6. 6. Qualities ● Passion - It is essential that a community manager has passion for the brand, product or service he manages in the social media community. He is the link between the company and the consumers. ● Jack-of-all-trades - The community manager deals with many different departments and requires many different qualities. From strong copyrighting skills to experience in PR and marketing as well as the ability to process metrics and analytics. ● Resourceful - The community manager must be able to work on his own to solve problems or to improve results. He has to stay on top of new trends in order to implement them when needed
  7. 7. Qualities (continued) ● Flexibility - Everyday is different in the community, and the community manager must be ready to adjust to various scenarios depending on overall community activity and mood. It is also far from being a 9 to 5 job, engagement is key and availability for it is very important. ● Personality - Being the first point of contact for customers and community members, interactions must be well planned and played out in an efficient way. It is important to be a good communicator and keep users wanting to be participative. They also have to deal well with negative comments and criticism.
  8. 8. Active management encouragesrelationship building on trust, whichleads to loyalty and community growth ● Establish a level of trust with consumers that keeps them coming back ○ In an open community, trust is the cohesive factor between members and moderators; trust fosters growth, trust converts users into an audience, and trust broadens the distribution of the message ● Turns community potential into an asset that can be leveraged and lead to awesome results ● Humanize the brand and create a closer connection to consumers ● Seed, start and create online conversations
  9. 9. Growth, number of visits,number of page views, andtime on site decreaseddramatically during theabsence of a communitymanager Source: Community managers role is critical to community growth and moving people from the Active page management managed ends December 1st community towards organizational goals (creating thus SEO valuable content)
  10. 10. Examples of succesfully managed communitiesASOS is successful at engaging with their community asking questions such as"What would you like to see more of?" and directing their fans to discounts,offers and latest fashion news