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David gianulias a businessman and winemaker


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David Gianulias is a skilled CEO who is able to recognize successful personality traits.

Published in: Business
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David gianulias a businessman and winemaker

  1. 1. David Gianulias: A Businessman and Winemaker
  2. 2. David Gianulias has several successful business endeavors.
  3. 3. He is not only on the Board of Directors for G Companies, a Homebuilder, the President and CEO of Three G Development, but also a Founder of Levendi Winery.
  4. 4. He has always had a skill for business and enjoys the challenges that each industry brings.
  5. 5. As a third generation homebuilder, he continues to carry on the legacy and tradition of his family.
  6. 6. He’s also co-founded Levendi Winery continue to build a legacy and bring honor his family by using family recipes to continue producing award winning wines.