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Social Media and Public Schools

  1. @DavidGerzof Social Media & Public School David Gerzof Richard August 27, 2013
  2. @DavidGerzof
  3. @DavidGerzof We Are Not Social Media Gurus Nobody is. Except for Maybe Nonja…
  4. @DavidGerzof Three Takeaways 1. Social Media is NOT NEW, the technology is. Understand new technologies, Don’t fear them. 2. Lessons we teach our children often don’t transfer to social media. Please Change That 3. Social Media is becoming more and more relevant for finding and getting into College
  5. @DavidGerzof Social Media is Old The Technology is New
  6. @DavidGerzof What Makes Social Media So Different? Traditional media: one-way Marketing by Interruption & Intermission Social media: two-way Marketing by Permission
  7. @DavidGerzof Two Way Communications Requires You to Listen – – Facebook Search – YouTube – Second Largest Search Engine – Google Search Integrates Flickr, Twitter & Quora – Yelp! Search – Radian6, Social Radar, Scout Labs, Beevolve
  8. @DavidGerzof 3 E’s of Social Media Experiment Engage Entertain
  9. @DavidGerzof 3 E’s: Entertain Content Should be “Sharable” “Share Tactics” • Compelling • Humor • Wit • Politeness • Uniqueness • News • Controversy • Stories
  10. @DavidGerzof Teach Your Children Well… • Be nice • Share • Listen • Don’t be self-centered • Don’t lie • Don’t bully • When you are bullied, know how to handle it
  11. @DavidGerzof Getting into College
  12. @DavidGerzof Getting the Facts
  13. @DavidGerzof See Where it Will Take You
  14. @DavidGerzof Social Media & Public School 9.27.13 David Gerzof Richard Thank You

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