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Presentation To Patients And Family Caregivers


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Presentation to Patients & Family Caregivers

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Presentation To Patients And Family Caregivers

  1. 1. Introducing Concerto HealthPartners Presentation to Patients & Family Caregivers Peace of Mind Navigating Health Care 800.298.5113 | Office Website: 408.457.7607 | Fax Blog: 200 Winchester Circle STE H27 Twitter: @ConcertoHealthP Los Gatos, CA 95032 USA 1
  2. 2. Problem… NAVIGATING HEALTH CARE LEAVES PATIENTS AND FAMILY CAREGIVERS ALONE, UNCERTAIN AND OVERWHELMED Patient Family Caregiver 19 million chronically ill seniors have adult children More than 65 million Americans are caring for a living long distance or out of reach. 8 out of 10 spouse, parent or relative with a serious illness. Americans age 65 or older are living with some chronic illness. •  Who will take care of me? •  How do I take care of my parent or relative •  Does my insurance cover this? who lives elsewhere? •  How do I find the best doctor or hospital? •  What type of doctor should I be taking her •  I don’t know what questions to ask. to? •  I don’t understand medical jargon. •  Is he getting the proper/correct care? •  How do I appeal denied treatment? •  Am I getting her to the right facility? •  Is he taking the right meds? LEFT TO THEIR OWN DEVICES, MOST ASSUME LESS ACTIVE ROLES IN THEIR OWN CARE...AND ACHIEVE POORER OUTCOMES 2
  3. 3. Solution… CONCERTO HEALTHPARTNERS MAKES NAVIGATING HEALTH CARE EASIER, FASTER, LESS RISKY AND LESS COSTLY •  In life, who and what you know is everything. Concerto HealthPartners provides contacts, experience and expertise. Know who to ask for help, where to go, and what to say and do when you get there •  Concerto HealthPartners provides you with a team of 3 experts dedicated to your welfare Case Manager Medical Librarian Insurance Advocate Helps you… •  Get the best care. •  Make smart treatment •  Know what you’ve paid. •  Guard against error and decisions. •  Pay only what you owe. infection. •  Get maximum coverage. By… •  Finds the best doctors •  Translates medical jargon •  Tracks paperwork. and hospitals. into understandable ideas. •  Resolves billing errors. •  Prepares questions for •  Provides research for you to •  Facilitates claims. doctor visits. Take make informed choices •  Advocates for coverage of notes. Make sure between competing. new or risky treatments. questions are asked treatment recommendations •  Appeals denied claims. (and you understand the •  Identifies clinical studies and answers). alternative treatments to •  Teaches your family discuss with your doctor. 3 how to care for you.
  4. 4. Result… PEACE OF MIND FOR PATIENTS AND FAMILY CAREGIVERS “AT BEST LIFE SAVING, AT LEAST ESPECIALLY HELPFUL” •  “Patient advocates are at best life saving and at least especially helpful. They help ensure that the patient gets to see the desired specialist. They do internet research so the patient is more informed when talking to the doctor. They educate family members on how to support the patient during a hospital stay. For example, ensuring that the pills are really meant for her. And they sort through the mountain of bills and, if necessary, negotiate fees with the healthcare provider, insurance company, or other payer.” - U.S. News & World Report “GET SOMEONE WHO’S BEEN THERE BEFORE…MAKE THEM YOUR PARTNER” •  "When you're under the stress of all these diagnoses coming at you, you can't always process this information accurately. Get someone who's been there before whom you trust and make them your partner in this process. Bring someone who's actually going to pay attention and understands the process and takes notes." -  Dr. Oz From The Oprah Winfrey Show, Best Life Week: Dr. Oz and the Ultimate Health Checklist 4
  5. 5. Instant Rewards… WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I JOIN? 1.  Team Kick-Off: Meet your three-member HealthPartners Team. Gain immediate peer support. Begin receiving personalized service based on your situation and goals. 2.  Put your game plan to work: Get best care. Make smart treatment decisions. Avoid error and infection. Maximize insurance coverage. Know what you have spent and only pay for what you owe. 3.  Collect Medical Records: We collect and centralize your medical records using Google Health 4.  Track Insurance and Spending: We immediately begin tracking insurance paperwork and costs through Quicken Medical Expense Manager. Know what you’ve paid. Pay only what you owe. 5.  Work from the same page: We'll set up and walk you through your Concerto online resources: your individual home page, discussion boards, and library. 5
  6. 6. 1-2-3 Go!... HOW DO I GET STARTED? 1. Call 2. Join 3. Get Started Tell us what's Get a team you Take care of going on. trust. Make yourself or a them your loved one. partner. •  Call 1-800-298-5113 •  Get the best care. •  Meet your three-member •  Tell us your story. •  Make smart treatment HealthPartners Team. •  Discuss your questions. decisions. •  Gain immediate peer support. •  Learn more about what we •  Avoid error and infection. •  Begin receiving personalized can do for you. •  Maximize insurance service based on your coverage. situation and goals. •  Know what you have spent and only pay for what you owe. 6
  7. 7. Plans and Pricing…Patients… PATIENTS, PICK A PLAN THAT MATCHES YOUR NEEDS Max Plus Basic (Membership) (Hours) (Phone) TOP-OF-THE-LINE JUST THE HOURS YOU JUST A PHONE CALL AWAY MOST POPULAR PLAN NEED Description •  Full Membership •  Guest Pass •  Phone •  For on-going or in-depth •  For brief to short-term limited •  For immediate, one-time and comprehensive access access to services access to services to services Example •  Chronic or acute medical •  “Dad has Alzheimer’s and we •  “I just moved to a new city and condition or event need a week or two of help need help finding a new dealing with Medicare and doctor.” possibly help finding him a •  “I received this medical bill in home.” the mail and have no idea what •  “I need a few hours of it means!” research done by a Medical Librarian.” Features •  Dedicated team of 3 •  Individual access to Case •  One-time phone support from a HealthPartners Manager, Medical Librarian or Case Manager, Medical •  Continuous and up-to-date Insurance Advocate Librarian, or Insurance tracking through Google Advocate Health, QMEM, Highrise •  Customized action plan •  Communicate with family and friends Pricing •  Annual fee •  Hourly charges billed on •  Hourly charges billed on a •  Hourly charges billed on a monthly basis monthly basis monthly basis 7
  8. 8. Plans and Pricing…Family Caregivers… FAMILY CAREGIVERS, PICK A PLAN THAT MATCHES YOUR NEEDS Family PLAN Individual Caregiver TOP-OF-THE-LINE TAKING CARE OF YOUR INDIVIDUAL MOST POPULAR PLAN LOVED ONE Description •  Why not take care of yourself, BOTH •  For when you are responsible for taking parents, your spouse and kids? care of your individual spouse, partner, •  Don’t wait for their to be a problem to get parent, child or relative started centralizing your medical records, coordinating your health insurance, and keeping track of notes from your medical visits Options to Suit •  After you sign up for one full Max Choose the level of service that matches Your Needs Membership, each additional family your needs: member is discounted. •  Basic •  Plus •  Max 8
  9. 9. Vital... UNLIMITED DEMAND. HUGE UNMET NEED. “The confluence of aging baby boomers with an ever more complex, cost-conscious healthcare system means unlimited demand for a persuasive, persistent person willing to do the vital work of patient advocacy. Some hospitals and HMOs hire nurses and social workers as patient advocates, but there remains a huge unmet need.” - U.S. News & World Report 9