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Axill Asia Media Kit


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Global Online Ad Network for both Advertisers and Publishers.

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Axill Asia Media Kit

  1. 1. AxillAsia Intro AxillAsia is an online advertising network pooling websites across all content categories together to form a powerful channel network. We connect you with the most sought-after audience worldwide. Whether you are looking for regional exposure or global reach, we serve you with premium client base and state-of-the-art technology. We understand both the art and science of matching the right ad with the right audience. To realize this perfect match, our precise targeting system enables multiple targeting criteria and frequency capping. It maximizes conversion and minimizes noise, resulting in synergies between advertisers and publishers. Thanks to Web 2.0 breakthrough, advertisers and publishers enjoy access to real-time traffic and earnings reports respectively, thus gaining complete control of all campaigns.
  2. 2. eAdvertisers- Connect with the Most Sought-after Audience Worldwide AxillAsia unites global publishers and connects you to your target audience. Our premium sites include Globe7’s five Portals:,,, and They generate a combined page view of 261 million per month. Their combined databases boast 12 million registered users. These are the well-educated, tech-savvy new generation, making them the most sought-after audience by advertisers. With heavy presence in Thailand, Indian and Japan, our geographical reach spans all over the world. Apart from these premium sites, we also serve regional impressions via Asia’s media giants such as Baidu, QQ, Ebay and Sina HK. For advertisers looking for a global reach, we mobilize resources through our Europe and American arms- Axill Europe and Axill Americas. Their publishers’ portfolios feature internationally famed portals such as the Associated Press, USA Today, and Reuters. Besides, our affiliate networks can mobilize publishers worldwide to serve your every campaign needs. Among our advertisers are industry leaders such as Cathay Pacific, Avon, Xbox, Western Union, and Walmart. We understand both the art and science of precise targeting- the core driving force behind maximum conversion rate with minimum advertising dollar wastage. Therefore, we offer a wide range of targeting criteria including geography, day and time, bandwidth, browser, language, operating system, and behavior etc. Our frequency capping feature enables you to further enhance click-through-rates. Precise targeting is achieved also through matching the right content with the right audience. We categorize webpages into the following channels: l portals, l automotive, l business and finance, l blog/chat/user-editable,
  3. 3. l dating, l entertainment and music, l education and career, l games, l home/gardening, l men, l news, l real estate, l restaurants and food, l sports and leisure, l social networking, l technology, l teen, l travel and hotel, l women and shopping, l others. By placing your ad on the most relevant content pages, we escalate your campaign effectiveness to the highest level. All advertisers gain access to real-time reports through AxillAsia. Our state-of-the-art tracking technology provides traffic details, empowering you with complete control over campaigns. Whether it is text or graphic, flash or rich media, Axill’s “Creativez” team designs and produces ads that turn your imagination into real commercial gains. WHY AXILLASIA? l Global reach with regional focus l Multiple targeting criteria and frequency capping capabilities l State-of-the-art tracking technology l Globe7 VoIP/IM application ad “Creativez” ad design and production services l
  4. 4. ePublishers- Earn the Highest Yield AxillAsia offers publishers maximum exposure of ad space and opportunities to capitalize on site traffic with commission. We are committed to a perfect match between ad content and site content. This not only maximizes your earnings, but also enriches your portfolio as ads integrate seamlessly to your site content. Moreover, you will be able to monetize unsold inventories with AxillAsia’s solutions. By exploiting our cutting-edge tools, publishers can monitor campaign details through real-time traffic and earnings reports. All publisher earnings are paid off at 30-day intervals. By joining our AxillAsia network, you also become an affiliate publisher on other leading ad networks worldwide that attract premium ad spenders. Our existing advertisers include Cathay Pacific, Avon, Xbox, Western Union, and Walmart. WHY AXILLASIA? l Access to premium ad campaigns l Global opportunities through affiliate networks l Real-time traffic and earnings reports l 30-day clearance