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Toastmasters VP Public Relations Web and Social Media Strategy


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This presentation from a Toastmasters Leadership Institute training in Boca Raton emphasizes the web and social media possibilities of do-it-yourself publishing, with a secondary focus on the more traditional PR role of seeking publicity in the traditional media. This was partly a pitch for WordPress for Toastmasters.

The video referenced in the slides is here:

Toastmasters VP Public Relations Web and Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. VP Public Relations Officer Training + Club Web/Social Media Tactics David F. Carr
  2. 2. How to Excel as VP Public Relations  Speak with predecessor, other club leaders about expectations, past successes  Lead media relations, marketing, public outreach, and web/social media efforts  Does not mean you can or should do it all!  Work with VP Membership to bring people into meetings, convert them to members  Develop a media list, know contacts, schedules  Get meetings listed on any possible calendar of events  Seek feature coverage  Announce major accomplishments such as DTM
  3. 3. Try Many Modes of Outreach  Obtain flyers and other promotional materials from or create your own using materials from the brand portal  Distribute at the public library, businesses, other high traffic venues  Speak or arrange for other officers to speak to community or professional groups The marketing funnel: awareness to action (joining the club), advocacy (recruiting others)
  4. 4. Reasons To Go Beyond the Press Release  Media is changing, so PR must change, too  Blogging, social media mean everyone can be a publisher  Traditional media placement is still important  If you get it, magnify it through social media!  Social media friends, connections a more powerful endorsement of Toastmasters than anonymous PR  Go beyond text with video, images
  5. 5. Video: An Awesome Website …
  6. 6. Elements of An Online Strategy  Engage potential members, build community  Strong website content, current and updated frequently  Showcase the personality of your club  Make web content easy to share on social media  Link back to website from social media  Mix of media: articles, video, photos  Recognize member achievements  Boost productivity for officers and members  Online meeting signup  Email prompts and reminders to sign up, confirm  Track and analyze member activity
  7. 7. About Me  David F. Carr  Area Governor, former President, VPE, Sgt. At Arms  InformationWeek Editor at Large  Author, Social Collaboration for Dummies  Web consultant and social media consultant.  Developer of WordPress plugins, including RSVPMaker and Facebook Tab Manager  Creator of
  8. 8. Origin Story  ClubAwesome VP of Education, frustrated with FreeToastHost (particularly version 2.0)  Already operated community oriented websites using RSVPMaker event scheduling  Added Toastmasters-specific features such as meeting role signup  Took advantage of WordPress for easier website updates, blogging, social media integration  Now offer free websites at (seeking advertising/donors/sponsors)  Free software download at
  9. 9. A Better Website  Capitalize on (and respect) the Toastmasters brand  Distinguish yourself: share what makes your club special  Content with a distinct web address is easier to share on social media  Test the preview display of key pages on social media  Add social sharing buttons  Communicate the basics: Meeting date, time, location
  10. 10. Boost Your Social Content  Video and images: make your posts stand out  #Hashtags – informal categorization, supported on Twitter, Facebook, Google+  @username – tag users to give credit or get attention  Share / retweet generously  Power tools: HootSuite, Buffer, others  Post to multiple networks at once  Schedule or auto-schedule posts  Use thoughtfully, selectively
  11. 11. 2 Ways To Use Video  Education  Post to YouTube as private or unlisted  Let members see videos of their own speeches  Contest practice – see improvement  Let members see speeches they missed (icebreakers!)  Publicity  Share outstanding speeches publicly  Celebrate winning contest speeches  Give non-members a better idea of what we do in Toastmasters
  12. 12. Video for Shy Toastmasters
  13. 13. Blog/e-Newsletter Material  New member inductions (with photos!)  Educational award achievements (more photos!)  VP of Education tutorials -> publish as articles or videos  Videos of outstanding speeches (with the member’s permission)  President’s message  Report on board actions, club business, priorities  Upcoming event announcements, including contests, district conference
  14. 14.  The Club Meeting  Outside the Club Meeting  The Executive Committee VPPR Responsibilities
  15. 15.  Verify that information on website and social media is correct.  Order promotional materials. Before Club Meetings
  16. 16.  Distribute promotional materials.  Report results of public relations efforts.  Announce public relations campaigns.  Solicit volunteers. During Club Meetings
  17. 17.  Publicize the Toastmasters brand.  Promote the club.  Maintain the club website.  Join a Toastmasters-moderated social networking website.  Produce and distribute a club newsletter. Outside the Club Meeting
  18. 18.  Promote membership programs.  Attend club executive committee meetings.  Attend other Toastmasters events.  Arrange your replacement or assistance.  Prepare your successor for office. Outside the Club Meeting
  19. 19.  Provide a public relations report.  Propose new promotion ideas. Executive Committee - Your Responsibility
  20. 20. Additional Resources
  21. 21. Follow up     