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SOLO tasks aerobic resp


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Revision session using SOLO taxonomy

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SOLO tasks aerobic resp

  1. 1. Demonstrate Understand these key words, remembering any definitions Key words: • Gaseous exchange • The action of breathing • Alveoli • Glucose + O2 = Energy + CO2 + H2O • Increased breathing rate
  2. 2. Demonstrate Analyse & Evaluate the effects of exercise on the Aerobic System Highlight links between facts Aerobic System Key words: • Gaseous exchange • Jogging • Alveoli • Presence of oxygen • Continuous exercise • Breathing rate
  3. 3. DemonstrateRespiratory Circulatory Muscular Skeletal System System System System See the links
  4. 4. Demonstrate Now, Create links between the Respiratory system and other systems Highlight links with other systems AerobicSystem Key words: • Transport • Heart rate • Synovial joint • Oxygenated blood • Red blood cells • Movement • Skeletal muscle • Prime mover • Concentric contraction