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Closing the gap theme park writing


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Example of a 'closing the gap' feedback lesson.

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Closing the gap theme park writing

  1. 1. Working on your targets to maximise progress
  2. 2. Reflection Time 1. Re-read your creative writing (and my stars!) 2. Locate 3 or more of my 3. Annotate – what have you done well? 4. Choose your BIG target….
  3. 3. Choose Your BIG Target 1 accuracy of basic punctuation 2 variety of punctuation - using more than basic 3 paragraphing accuracy 4 linking paragraphs 5 paragraph length variety - power-graphs 6 tense accuracy (past/present) 7 accuracy of grammar (capitals, sentence building…) 8 use of senses 9 use of imagery (similes, metaphors 10 building tension + climax
  4. 4. Closing the Gap Punctuation a) Basic: Speech – revision/activity sheet b) Basic: Commas c) Ext: Apostrophes d) Ext: Semi-colons & Colons Paragraphs: a) Basic – TIP TOP revision; James Bond activity c) Extension - Power-graphs & Linking Imagery: matching exercise & practise writing
  5. 5. Creative Writing Activity Show off your new knowledge by demonstrating your writing skills! 1. Watch the film clip. 2. Use the narrative bullet points to guide you (rough plan) 3. Focus on your BIG TARGETS and spend 20 minutes crafting.
  6. 6. Source Code Plot Overview • You wake up confused on a moving train • A girl opposite you chats – clearly a friend – but you don’t recognise her • Train stops at station – you leave your seat – check the platform – someone strange? • Return to seat – unusual reflection in window – flee to lavatory • Revelation: it is not you! – girl returns – argument – fire