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The various applications of frameless glass balustrade


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Frameless glass has made its way into several areas and wherever applied it is known to add to the aesthetic appeal lending a charm to the surroundings like never before.

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The various applications of frameless glass balustrade

  1. 1. The Various Applications Of Frameless Glass The concept of having frameless glass for a lot of applications is fast catching on owing to the style and affordability it offers. There has been great advancement in the technology applied in glass industry and the concept of frameless glass has evolved and is there to stay. Frameless glass has made its way into several areas and wherever applied it is known to add to the aesthetic appeal lending a charm to the surroundings like never before. Frameless glass pool fencings have become a popular trend these days; glass here blends perfectly with the setting and having a see through nature it creates a feeling of an expansive place and helps to make it simply beautiful. ½” to ¾” glass is to be used for this application. Frameless glass is looked upon as a great option for shower doors these days and apart from adding a visual frameless glass balustrade they are so much more affordable too. Glass is very easy to clean and maintain and now with the protective coating they come with the original looks can be sustained for greater periods. Being transparent it adds a feeling so space to the room and enhances the aesthetic value and if you desire to have a more obscure shower door you can get frosted glass or a patterned glass that has its own charm. For this purpose glass that has a thickness of around ½” is required. The other area that has latched on to frameless glass is the railing; now you can see a lot of frameless glass railings replacing the traditional metal railings and this not only improves the visual appeal of the place but also is more affordable. Here you will have to use a thicker glass for safety reasons. Can frameless glass be a DIY project? Glass, however thick it may be, owing to its fragile nature is best handled by the professional installers. To get the work done in a safe and secure manner you have several suppliers and installers who are adept in handling work relating to frameless glass application be it pool fencing, shower doors or fiberglass architectural columns all of which require professionals who are seasoned in this field. Be careful while selecting your supplier and installer, as there are various interpretations of architectural glass applications for railings or shower doors and it is helpful if you get to learn some of the basic differences existing in suppliers in this area. Fencings, railings, shower doors all come in different variations and could be either frameless or semi-frameless where the frameless ones make use of minimal metal fittings at key points while the semi-frameless use vertical metal bars either between the glass panels or along the perimeter for holding the glass in place.
  2. 2. Whatever the variation, frameless glass has become the in thing in interiors and exteriors for its elegant beauty and the seamless image it offers and above everything it is so much more affordable offering versatility of application and this has made the concept of frameless glass rise in popularity.