Esna Officelinx 10.0 for Avaya


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Overview of Esna's Officelinx unified communications solution that integrates Avaya UC&C solutions with cloud applications from Google, Salesforce, Microsoft and others.

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Esna Officelinx 10.0 for Avaya

  1. 1. Esna Officelinx with iLink Pro
  2. 2. Esna’s Mission To embed cloud and mobile collaboration tools ANY BUSINESS PROCESS ANY APPLICATION ANY PLATFORM ANY DEVICE
  3. 3. People Want to Communicate in the Apps they Use Marty Parker User Experience: The X Factor of Unified Communications No Jitter, September 2013 “It’s critical for UC systems to deliver an end-user experience that is intuitive, cohesive and integrated.” “Users want their communications to be built right into the applications they are using.” Bern Elliot Gartner CIO August 2013
  4. 4. Esna Embeds Collaboration Anywhere INSIDE
  5. 5. Esna Embeds Collaboration Anywhere Esna embeds real-time communication tools inside the business processes and applications people use everyday INSIDE
  6. 6. Esna Delivers Value to Every User Executives Sales Marketing Operations HR :: Automates sales process :: Reduces sales cycle :: Reduces time to approval :: Speeds up access to expertise :: Adapt quickly to changes :: Accelerates time to market :: Increases idea sharing :: Fosters creativity :: Improves customer service :: Faster response rates :: Accelerates processes :: Reduces travel :: Attracts talent :: Retain employees :: Supports remote teams :: Improves work satisfaction :: Accelerates problem solving :: Sparks innovation :: Fosters disruptive innovation :: Accelerates business results
  7. 7. What’s New Officelinx 10.0 ● Increased support for up to 20 voice server nodes ● 2000 concurrent voice sessions (fully active redundancy) ● UTF-8 character support ● User Management RESTful APIs ● Automatic disabling of inactive mailboxes (optional) Esna iLink Pro: ● Internet Explorer support ● Large screen/tablet layout support on browser extension and mobile apps ● Esna iLink Pro Desktop integration with Outlook 2013 Contact Card
  8. 8. Google Apps Integration ● Unified messaging ● Scopia Integration ● Click-to-call ● In/outbound fax ● Presence ● Instant messaging ● Make/receive call ● Group chat ● Call control ● Location sharing
  9. 9. Transcribed Voice Messages Inside Gmail Escalate an email to a Scopia Meeting Unified Messaging Voicemail Transcription Rich Presence Click-to- Call
  10. 10. Send and Receive Fax Messages Receive and send faxes right from Gmail Automatically save faxes in Drive along with your voice messages
  11. 11. Actionable Voice Messages Resolve messages to your Google contacts Post urgent and crisis messages to Twitter and Google+ Escalate any message to a live call See the location of the caller
  12. 12. Intelligent Call Routing Greet callers + send calls to voicemail based on your calendar status
  13. 13. Replay recorded voice messages right from Drive Save Messages in Google Drive Transcribed voice messages can be saved as a Google Doc Voice messages and faxes can automatically be saved in Google Drive
  14. 14. Rich Presence + Click-to-Call Click to call external phone numbers and extensions Easily see the availability and location of others Manage your presence manually or automatically based on your Google calendar
  15. 15. Contextual Collaboration in Google Drive Automatically recognizes every collaborator on a doc Start an instant WeLink conference call, Hangout or group chat
  16. 16. Real Time Communications in Google Maps See the location of others on Google Maps Start a live call or IM conversation from Google Maps
  17. 17. Office 365 Integration ● Unified messaging ● Click-to-call ● In/outbound fax ● Presence ● Instant messaging ● Make/receive call ● Group chat ● Call control ● Location sharing
  18. 18. Salesforce Integration ● Presence ● Instant messaging ● Group chat ● Voice/video ● Call management ● Location sharing ● Call logging
  19. 19. Presence within Salesforce See the presence of others with the ability to start an instant call or chat Manually set your own presence or have it automatically set based on your Google Calendar
  20. 20. Click-to-Call + Automatic Meeting/Call Logging Click-to-Call any number/extension within Salesforce Automatically logs incoming/outgoing calls, as well as WebEx/Scopia meetings (requires additional licenses)
  21. 21. Record Pops ● Identify and match incoming calls with Salesforce records for easy access to customer and prospect records ● Call management controls (answer, hold, transfer)
  22. 22. Real Time Communication Across IE + Chrome ● Access real time communications from any app ● iLink Pro IE/Chrome extension follows you from app to app ● Conversations stay persistent
  23. 23. Mobile Integration
  24. 24. Integrates with Google Contacts to identify who is calling into the session Get notifications when someone has joined your meeting iLink Pro displays the real time status of your meeting Esna WeLink Audio Conferencing
  25. 25. Web Administration ● Enables user provisioning management of Officelinx from the browser ● Access system administration from anywhere ● Designed to provide access to most commonly used administrative features
  26. 26. Officelinx Architecture Cloud Apps User Enterprise or Hosted Apps Google Data (Calendar/ Contact) API iLink Pro (Browser, Desktop or Mobile) Desktop Voice/Video Esna Officelinx (Standalone or HA) ACE Web Services (CTI) SIP (VoIP) Avaya Aura Platform Synchronization (Calendar/Contact /Message) API*, IMAP Salesforce Open CTI Esna Client Web Services IMAP Calendar/Contact API* MS Exchange Groupwise Lotus Domino Zimbra Mobile Voice *Not available on all integrations CM SM ACE AAM*
  27. 27. Developer API’s
  28. 28. Developer APIs - Collaboration Tags Actions include Esna iLink presence, voice and video calls, contact cards, and live meeting escalation 1 Inject dynamic, real-time communication content and actions into any web page or application 2 TURN THIS Presence Contact Cards with Actions INTO THIS
  30. 30. THANK YOU
  31. 31. Additional Slides Avaya Scopia Desktop + Jive Integrations
  32. 32. Esna iLink for Avaya Scopia® Desktop
  33. 33. Google Apps Avaya Scopia® Desktop Integration
  34. 34. Schedule a Meeting from Google Calendar Instantly schedule a Scopia meeting from Google calendar Meeting details are automatically published in the descriptions section Randomly generate PIN numbers
  35. 35. Multiple Ways to Start an Instant Scopia Meeting From the Google Contact Card From the Google People Widget Anywhere in the Chrome Browser
  36. 36. Scopia Integration with Google Hangouts Move people that you are collaborating with in a Hangout to a Scopia meeting in a single click Attendees are immediately placed into a Scopia meeting - no separate login or registration required
  37. 37. Salesforce Avaya Scopia® Desktop Integration
  38. 38. Start an Instant Scopia Meeting with Contacts Instantly start a Scopia meeting with any contact or lead in Salesforce Simple one click-to-meet
  39. 39. Schedule Scopia Meetings from Salesforce Instantly schedule a Scopia meeting from Salesforce Ability to generate an optional PIN and start a meeting without having to manually input a Meeting ID
  40. 40. Esna iLink for Jive
  41. 41. Jive Software Integration ● Unified messaging ● Presence ● Click-to-call ● Call Management ● Integrated Dialer ● Location Sharing
  42. 42. Transcribed Voice Messages Inside Jive Unified Messaging Call Logging Natively Manage Voice Messages Transcribed Voicemail
  43. 43. Voice Messages are Actionable See who called and click-to-call the back Open iLink for Jive to make calls, email the caller or see their physical location Manage voicemail right from Jive
  44. 44. Ability to Manage Voice Messages Delete or mark messages as unread; turns the message waiting light off on your phone Stream voice messages in MP3 or dial back to a desk or mobile phone for added privacy See the presence of internal contacts with multiple ways to act on the voicemail
  45. 45. Make Calls within Jive Search for contacts from your Jive directory and personal contacts See the availability of callers before contacting them Click-to-call or enter the number of the person you want to call
  46. 46. Click-to-Call Numbers within Jive Call any phone number or internal extension
  47. 47. Real Time Communications from Anyone’s Profile See availability and click-to-call that person See real time location