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Dunkle resume Info tech spec2


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Dunkle resume Info tech spec2

  1. 1. (910)229-8277 (910) 229-8277 5645 Teakwood Dr. Dalzell, South Carolina 29040 DAVID A. DUNKLE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST  Accomplished Information Technology (IT) professional with over 20 years’ experience in planning and implementing strategic IT initiatives.  Versed on security measures and IT concepts and standards that safeguard an organization’s assets, customer data, and financial information according to NIST publications and FISMA practices.  Understands security certification and accreditation requirements.  Able to monitor internal controls to ensure an organization maintains compliance on current security concepts and practices in order to help mitigate threats.  Experienced in Communication Management--responsible for the planning and successful completion of over 20 critical automation projects across multiple operational tiers.  Decorated leader and combat veteran who is able to provide guidance to organizational management and staff members on complex tasks and projects.  Fluent with a myriad of network devices, multiple operating systems, escalation and baseline procedures, and reporting procedures of the IT Enterprise in both tactical and strategic environments.  Certified through successful completion of multiple, industry leading security programs.  Recognized for outstanding customer service, team management and cross-functional communication.  Consistently exceeds performance metrics and policies for end-user support satisfaction. TECHNICAL SKILLS Installation, Configuration & Troubleshooting of WAN and LAN based architectures and security procedures  Government Risk and Compliance  Network Cabling Installation  MS SharePoint 2010 & MS Active Directory  DoD Operating Systems  JNTC- WIN-T assets  Cisco Switching & Routing Protocols  HAIPE Encryption Devices  Cisco Unified Communications Manager  POAM reviews  Windows 7 & 10 Operating Systems  Contingency Operations  NIST Special publications  Video Teleconference Conference Systems  Microsoft Office 2013  Cisco Easy VPN  Server Virtualization  3G/4G cellular networks and modems  Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP)  RiskVision (GRC)  DIACAP and ATO  Compliance reports and scans  SCCM  Information Security Programs  Trouble shooting across the OSI model  FISMA audits CERTIFICATIONS CLEARANCE COMPTIA THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE (DOD) Certified Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP), 2018 Security+ Certification, 2018 Secret Clearance, Active Network+ Certification, 2018 Cisco Systems Certified Cisco Network Administrator (CCNA), 2012 IT SERVICE MANAGEMENT Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL v3), 2012
  2. 2. (910)229-8277 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ASM RESEARCH FEB, 2016 TO PRESENT SECURITY ANALYST, CONTINUOUS READINESS IN INFORMATION SECURITY PROGRAM (CRISP)  Researched and developed solutions to newly identified and unresolved NIST 800-53 findings utilizing the Government Risk and Compliance (GRC) RiskVision platform.  Identified and remediated security deficiencies on VA’s network infrastructure, database platforms, and Web application servers on a continuous basis.  Implemented VA’s configuration management controls to ensure VA systems had appropriate security baselines and current vulnerability patches.  Adhered to standardized system development and change management controls for mission-critical systems.  Established, maintained, and monitored information security policies, procedures, control techniques, and inspection requirements.  Prepared for annual inspections from the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Team.  Developed three VA facilities’ Information Systems Contingency Plan Assessments (ISCPA) mounted on three different system platforms.  Selected by the VA Security Management Division Branch Chief, from 16 CRISP contractors, to prepare a VA facility for the annual Office of the Inspector General (OIG) 2016 FISMA audit.  Developed two VA facilities’ Incident Response Plans (IRP) which outlined procedures and protocols for handling information systems and security incidents.  Developed a Disaster Recovery Plan, which outlined procedures to protect and restore critical IT services to the Dorn VA Medical Center.  Uploaded thousands of artifacts to four VA facilities to meet compliance for security controls identified in NIST 800-53 revision 4.  Worked with the VA National Privacy Officer to create privacy controls (AP-01.1, AP-02.1, AR-01.1, AR-03.1, AR-05.1, DI-01.e01, DM-01.e01, IP-01.e01, TR-01.e01, TR-02.1, TR-03.1, UL-01.1 and UL- 02.1) covered in the VA Handbook 6500, 2015, but not addressed in NIST 800-53 revision 4.  Assisted in preparations by the Facility Chief Information Officer (FCIO) for the protocol regulator audit conducted by the Research Compliance Officer (RCO) from the Office of Research and Oversight (ORO). THE UNITED STATES ARMY Executive Communication Team Senior Manager Rank: US Army Warrant Officer, Position: US ARCENT Commanding General Communications Team Officer in Charge (OIC).  Supervised an 18 soldier team that interfaced with military, civilian, and external contractors; demonstrated superior performance in providing the ARCENT Commanding General with fixed and mobile communications solutions throughout 20 countries in Southwest Asia.  Tailored systems to meet ever changing requirements, country to country; planned, designed, evaluated, and selected operating systems and protocol suits, while configuring communication media with concentrators, bridges, and other devices.  Responsible for planning and technical configuration of a myriad communications packages to operate in a dynamic environment, including the L3 SHARK system, Aruba lightweight deployable reach back system, government supported classified cellular devices (DMCC), iPads and Blackberries.  Throughout each mission, reinforced organizational mission, values and culture, while exercising exemplary interpersonal skills with both subordinates and foreign actors on behalf of the commander.  Served as a Southwest Asia (SWA) Domain Systems and Network Administrator, accessing Domain Controllers, Windows Storage Servers, Enterprise Data Storage (EMC), Cisco Call Managers, Layer II Cisco switches, and Layer III Cisco routers.  Demonstrated superior technical knowledge by troubleshooting subscriber connectivity on both system and network platforms across all levels of the OSI model.  Procured and implemented over $250,000 of automations equipment and completed the life cycle replacement of IT and automation for the US Army Central Command Group (64 users).  Extended classified and unclassified domain services to the CEO’s living quarters using a preexisting fiber backbone, HAIPE device and Cisco 3560; personally configured and installed all devices.  Engineered commercial (off shelf) mobile communications solution, with vehicular capabilities, which terminated into the point of presence (PoP) service of Department of Defense infrastructure.
  3. 3. (910)229-8277  Educated on Aruba controllers, their access groups and the installation of access points (AP). Lead Network Administrator Rank: US Army Warrant Officer, Position: 82nd Airborne Division Brigade Network Technician.  Principal advisor to senior leaders on information systems for tactical operations.  Led a team of 12 technical professionals providing system engineering and support.  Managed the planning, engineering, operations and maintenance of IT equipment for 28 Joint Network Transport Capability - Spiral (JNTC-S) assets valued at over $25 million.  Managed/controlled secure data, voice, and video network infrastructure.  Employed best practice IT, signal and communications Knowledge Management (KM) techniques as manager of the Army Training and Certification Tracking System (ATCTS).  Project Manager for installation of an area distribution node (ADN), during the installation of the Campus Area Network (CAN), delivering both secure and unsecure service to over 1,000 users.  Fluent with network monitoring tools such as SolarWinds and Cirrus. CIVILIAN EDUCATION EXCELSIOR COLLEGE ~ MAGNA CUM LAUDE~ Bachelor of Science Computer Science & Engineering AMERICAN INTERCONTINENTAL UNIVERSITY ~HONORS~ Associate of Arts in Business Administration MILITARY OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALTY POSITIONS  NETWORK MANAGEMENT TECHNICIAN (250N)  TELECOMMUNICATIONS OPERATIONS CHIEF (25W)  SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS OPERATOR MAINTAINER (25S)  MULTICHANNEL TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS OPERATOR MAINTAINER (31R) MISCELLANEOUS  Completed seven operational and combat deployments while serving with the US Army from 1996- 2015.  Willing to travel – in the past two years I have logged over 250,000 travel miles in support of the Commanding General, US Army Central.  Projected to take the CISSP in December, 2016 (first available date).