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How to become a non executive director


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How to become a non executive director

  1. 1. Excellence in Leadership = Leadership in ExcellenceHow to become a Non-Executive DirectorThe How to become a Non-Executive Director course helps you to plan and prepare for yourfirst NED position. It instils a real sense of what is expected of NEDs, and how you can meet thechallenge.This one-day interactive course is aimed ataspiring NEDs and covers essentialknowledge about roles, responsibilities,strategy and corporate governance that arekey foundations for a Non-Executive boardrole. It also considers up to date thinking oncorporate governance and the responsibilitiesof owners, the board and employees.This is followed by practical sessions on identifying NED opportunities, the process of obtaining afirst appointment and performing due diligence before any position is accepted. There isemphasis on the importance of presenting your experiences with clarity and relevance.“The material, the course leader’s insights, and the opportunity to share thoughts and feelingswith similarly inclined business people, made for a really valuable day. I came away with someclear actions.”Bernard Grenville-Jones Co-Founder, Company Director and Head of Operations OACActuaries and Consultants (OAC plc)“This one day course is an excellent overview, providing real advice and very helpful informationfor those Directors who are interested in developing a non-exec portfolio.”Julian Dennis, Director Compliance & Sustainability at Wessex Water, Bath, UnitedKingdomThis course identifies the various ways and circumstances in which non-executive directors canmake an effective contribution to a board’s work. It also examines methods for their selection andreviews their motivation, induction and reward. © 2013 excellencia limited – registered in England & Wales number 06522430, Registered Address 166 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7BT
  2. 2. Excellence in Leadership = Leadership in ExcellenceWho should attend? Key DetailsIndividuals who are currently a non-executive director; those seeking Duration: 1 dayappointment as a non-executive director and those looking to appoint a Location: Oxford,non-executive director. BristolWhat to expect? Price £330.00 (ex VAT) Clarifies how and why non-executive directors can strengthen a Payment with board Booking Price Provides practical guidance on how best to secure an appointment £300.00 (ex VAT) as a non-executive director NEDworks orCourse objectives ExecutiveParticipation on this course will provide you with the knowledge to: Transitions Tier1 Clarify the board’s role, purpose and key tasks Member Price Appreciate the contributions that non-executive directors can make £280.00 (ex VAT) to the board in different types of company and situations Book Now Recognise the qualities and experience needed to fulfil a non- To see course executive director appointment dates and to book Appreciate appropriate methods for finding, selecting, appointing and your place now rewarding non-executive directors follow this link: Understand the preparation required to interview for or be Course interviewed for the post of non-executive director RegistrationCourse Leader: The fee includesDavid Doughty CDir FIoD lunch, The course is delivered by David Doughty, a Chartered refreshments and a Director and highly experienced Non-Executive, Chief copy of the course Executive, Chair, Entrepreneur and Business Mentor. handbook David has extensive executive and non-executiveexperience in small and medium enterprises in private and public Attendancesectors. He is also a board level consultant to multi-national counts as 6 CPDorganisations and a Chartered Director Ambassador for the Institute of hours ofDirectors. See his LinkedIn profile here: structured( learningCourses can be delivered ‘in-house’ to a group of Non-Executive Directors – to find out morecontact or call 01865 350 345 © 2013 excellencia limited – registered in England & Wales number 06522430, Registered Address 166 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7BT