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SLP Singapore Info Session #2


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Our goal is to build the build the best education program and peer-to-peer network of startup CEOs in the world.

The Startup Leadership Program (SLP) is a highly selective, world-class training program for outstanding founders, leaders, and innovators who want to become top startup CEOs. SLP Fellows (participants) have founded 700 startups including ixigo, Innoz, Momelan, Runkeeper, SideTour, Shareaholic, Ubersense, Voicetap, Sharypic, Learning Pad; these startups have collectively raised nearly $400 million in funding. 12 startups have been acquired including Savored (Groupon), Momelan (KCI) and TomNod (Digital Globe).

Our education program is unique. We train fellows through the use of simulations, walking entrepreneurs through real-life cases, add in-depth boardroom-like discussions from mentors, organize in-depth product sessions, and ensure that the feedback and education is delivered in a closed, “safe” environment. In addition to the learning experience, entrepreneurs become part of a lifelong global community of successful and talented fellows, experts, advisors and investors, who can help them every step of the way.

The program runs once a year generally from September to March around the world.

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SLP Singapore Info Session #2

  2. 2. 700+ Startups ~$400MM in Funding 90 VC Fund Supporters SLP Illuminous Alumni
  3. 3. Startup Leadership Program A Shared Entrepreneurship & Innovation Journey to Your Success, with Fellow Startup Leaders Based on • LEADERSHIP • ENTREPRENEURSHIP • INNOVATION • SHARING • NETWORKING • TRUST What Matters • Education • Networks • Your Startup
  4. 4. 6Months 12Classes 103- hour long classes Bi weekly 2Day long classes On weekends 60classroom activities hours SLP in a Nutshell
  5. 5. SLP Singapore • Awesome People Do Awesome Things! • A Culture of YES! • By Fellows for Fellows! • Diversity • Initiative • Global Thinking • Get Things DONE! • Trust, Trust, Trust How? Good to Great Out of Comfort Zone Networking & Mentorship The Real Network is our FELLOWS!
  6. 6. Startup Leadership Global Head Quarter (USA) David D. Nirun F.Elise T. The PEOPLE behind SLP Singapore Sharon M.BAI KeFrank X. Supported by: Josie L.
  7. 7. Our Curriculum Principle • Tailor-Made for Fellows! • Practice, Practice and Practice • Interact, Interact and Interact • Your Innovation as a Class CEO
  8. 8. Inspiring Personal Stories Why Are We Here? Pitch & Business Plan Evaluations Ideation Business Plan & Business Model Canvas Our Curriculum
  9. 9. Financial Models Lean Startup Strategy & Customer Development Product Day & Customer Day So You Have a Business Plan – Now What? Operational Nuts & Bolts Leadership Our Curriculum
  10. 10. Cofounder Conflict Cases in Startups & Creativity Doing Deals with Corporations Termsheet Competition Venture Capital Competition Our Curriculum
  11. 11. Selling your Company Meet the Investors Where Do We Go from Here? Graduation! Our Curriculum
  12. 12. About CLASS CEO • Lead, Innovate & Encourage Participation • Take Risk and Do Something Out-of-Box • Learn About Your Own Leadership Style
  13. 13. • Company founders from different industries • Angel Investors • Venture Capitalists • Serial Entrepreneurs • Industrial Thought Leaders Has someone in mind? Recommend to us! Our Mentors
  14. 14. Values • By Our Fellow for Our Fellows • Inspired by John Wood, founder of Room to Read • Small is Beautiful • Diversity is Critical • We take attendance and community involvement very very seriously. • This is a program about LEADERSHIP. • We are bootstrappers, lean startup-ers. • We help each other to succeed.
  15. 15. Admission • 2 Rounds – July 1 & August 15 • Application on F6S only • Fill in all relevant fields (even not mandatory) • Evaluation by SLP Fellow Alumni, Mentors & PLs • Integrity • Do invite
  16. 16. Program Costs SLP Singapore 2013/14: SGD600 • Food & Beverage • Logistics • Gifts/Awards • Class Materials Preparation (Print, Case Studies, Books) • Networking Events • T-shirts • Miscellaneous Costs Reference United States $450 London, UK £300 Paris, France €400 Melbourne, Australia $450 Shanghai, China ¥1500* Tokyo, Japan ¥35,000
  17. 17. Time for… QUESTIONS! A big thank you to our Supporting Partner
  18. 18. email: facebook: Startup Leadership Program Startup Leadership Program Singapore twitter: @startlead f6s:
  19. 19. Class of 2014 – Singapore You Can Be Part of it!