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Executable Music Documents


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Short paper presentation at the The 1st International Digital Libraries for Musicology workshop (DLfM 2014) 12TH SEPTEMBER 2014 (FULL DAY), LONDON, UK in conjunction with the ACM/IEEE Digital Libraries conference 2014.

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Executable Music Documents

  1. 1. Executable Music Documents David De Roure e-Research Centre, University of Oxford @dder
  2. 2. The digital music research community as an exemplar of future scholarly practice. What can we learn for Digital Libraries? What can we learn from Digital Libraries? • Defamiliarisation • Execution • Translation
  3. 3. A revolutionary idea… Open Science!
  4. 4. The Social Machine
  5. 5. David De Roure
  6. 6. Big data elephant versus sense-making network? Iain Buchan The challenge is to foster the co-constituted socio-technical system on the right i.e. a computationally-enabled sense-making network of expertise, data, models, software, visualisations and narratives
  7. 7. human as author human as reader narrative about software machine as reader David De Roure
  8. 8. I believe that the time is ripe for significantly better documentation of programs, and that we can best achieve this by considering programs to be works of literature… Instead of imagining that our main task is to instruct a computer what to do, let us concentrate rather on explaining to human beings what we want a computer to do. Knuth, Donald E. (1984). "Literate Programming”. The Computer Journal (British Computer Society) 27 (2): 97–111.
  9. 9. … a computer language is not just a way of getting a computer to perform operations but rather that it is a novel formal medium for expressing ideas about methodology.
  10. 10. The Journal of Open Research Software (JORS) features peer reviewed Software Metapapers describing research software with high reuse potential. We are working with a number of specialist and institutional repositories to ensure that the associated software is professionally archived, preserved, and is openly available. Equally importantly, the software and the papers will be citable, and reuse will be tracked.
  11. 11. Meandre Steven Downie
  12. 12. The Evolution of myExperiment Research Objects Workflows Computational Research Objects Packs OAI ORE W3C PROV Social Objects
  13. 13. The R Dimensions Research Objects facilitate research that is reproducible, repeatable, replicable, reusable, referenceable, retrievable, reviewable, replayable, re-interpretable, reprocessable, recomposable, reconstructable, repurposable, reliable, respectful, reputable, revealable, recoverable, restorable, reparable, refreshable?” @dder 14 April 2014 sci method access understand new use social curation Research Object Principles
  14. 14. Notifications and automatic re-runs Autonomic Curation Machines are users too Self-repair New research? David De Roure
  15. 15. Executable Documents
  16. 16. consume produce compose perform capture distribute Steve Benford plus curation, preservation, …
  17. 17. Digital Music Object Mark Sandler
  18. 18. Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies for Intelligent Music Production and Consumption Future of Research Communication and e-Scholarship end to end digital systems research objects PI: Mark Sandler
  19. 19. • Will digital libraries provide the infrastructure to execute documents, or will people deploy them on alternative infrastructures? What are the implications for discovery, curation, and its automation? • Who gains credit and owns the intellectual property generated when a document runs automatically? Who is liable for damage that arises? What are the implications of unintended or accidental assembly of research methods and outcomes? • What are the implications of research that occurs at very high speed, possibly speculatively, without human intervention? Where is the (critical, creative, subversive) human in the loop? Are we ‘burning’ research methods into an automated research platform? • How do executable documents sit in the social websites of discovery, authoring, publishing and sharing; i.e. the ecosystem of scholarly social machines? David De Roure
  20. 20. Scholarly practice is changing profoundly as we embrace new methods of digital research and engage society. Our centuries-old research communication practices that underpin scholarship are to be celebrated — but are they still fit for their purpose?
  21. 21. @dder Thanks to: Tim Crawford, Stephen Downie, Ben Fields, Ichinaro Fujinaga, Steve Benford, Kevin Page, Mark Sandler, Geraint Wiggins.
  22. 22. @dder