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David Daggett

                                                                                 COVER STORY
FOUR ANCHORS                                                                 Salem. “We began when our kids were in the cl...
stage. I do enjoy the biking portion the most. The most challenging       together. Cindy keeps me informed on what is goi...
Forsyth Family Article
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Forsyth Family Article


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David Daggett and Family are featured in Forsyth Family magazine

Published in: Sports, Business
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Forsyth Family Article

  1. 1. David Daggett COVER STORY Balancing Life’s Anchors By Carolyn S. Peterson He Likes Calling Winston-Salem His Home When David Daggett speaks of Winston-Salem, his chosen ‘home town,’ he sounds like a member of the Chamber of Commerce. “I came to this city 26 years ago to attend WFU School of Law and I remember going home on Christmas break in 1982 and telling my parents that I was going to live in Winston-Salem the rest of my life. I was born in Iowa, moved to Detroit, Chicago, Indiana, for my undergraduate studies at Indiana State, then back to Chicago. Winston-Salem is a unique combination, offering the ability to travel within the city quickly, access the arts, from the NCSA to the Winston-Salem Symphony, to the sporting events like the ACC and professional sports in Charlotte, then the recreational activities, close to the mountains and beaches; it would be hard to find a place with everything that Winston-Salem has to offer,” stated Daggett. His time in Winston-Salem began as a student, and then as an attorney with Michael Lewis. “I began with Mike in 1985 right out of school and became partner in 1987. When I began, Mike’s office was a general trial firm, handling criminal, domestic and injury cases. As the practice of law became more concentrated, we decided that in order to represent our clients to the best of our abilities, we would need to concentrate on cases involving serious injury, disability, workers compensation and eminent domain,” recalled Daggett. The Lewis & Daggett partnership works so well because as Daggett said, “Mike and I have different, yet complementary, talents, skills and viewpoints. Between us, we are able to view issues and cases from multiple perspectives which is an asset to our firm and clients. Mike has been my mentor, friend and colleague for over 23 years.” August Issue 2008 • 13
  2. 2. FOUR ANCHORS Salem. “We began when our kids were in the class, but now it is great just to see the children in the class grow up. I love to stop by and have Cathedral of Nature: Nurturing a Spiritual Relationship the kids run up to me and give me a hug,” said Daggett. For Daggett, life is about loyalty and commitment to four areas, or Bringing Awareness to the Community: The Professional Anchor anchors in life, that he has chosen to funnel his energy into. The four anchors are spirituality, family, professional Reaching the older youth in the Triad is also a big and physical. Daggett believes that the extent part of Daggett’s community involvement to which one is able to combine those and professional anchor. For the past anchors, steward one’s time, and 18 years, Lewis & Daggett weave each one into all the aspects Attorneys at Law has sponsored of one’s life, only makes one’s ‘Safe and Sober Prom Night.’ life richer in each area. “When “The issue of drinking and I am training, particularly on driving was one that we as my bike, I always consider a law firm had seen from myself to be in ‘Cathedral of both perspectives. We Nature’ which for me only had represented both sides reinforces and reconnects the in many cases and we spiritual connection” said knew it was a subject that Daggett. Maintaining the we could speak to with connection to his spiritual beliefs authority. We decided to put and the time he spends with God, our money where our mouths comes while on his weekly bike rides, were and do something about raising as well as his time at church. “Combining the awareness for young people about my physical fitness regimen and spiritual time drinking and driving,” commented Daggett. In only makes each individual part richer,” stated Daggett. the 18 years of the program, the staff of Lewis and Daggett has taken the issue to heart and each uses their talents to Balancing the Scales of Justice and Family interact with local students. “Safe and Sober Prom Night has grown to As a husband to wife Cindy for over 10 years, and the father of three, a 34 high schools across the Triad, including more than 14,000 juniors concurrent use of time in all aspects of Daggett’s life is a must to keep and seniors. Personally, I enjoy talking to students about the support his family and his commitments, made to others and to himself, a focus. they have from the community of teachers, coaches, parents, police officers, but also on the support they can give each other as peers. There is no doubt that most of us could use more time in our day. Or Over the years, I have spoken to hundreds of thousands of students on maybe we have enough time, we just don’t use it as wisely as we could. themes including the legal system, drinking and driving, business and, That is where the subject of balance comes in for Daggett. “I think I most recently, internet safety. These are all subjects that a heightened keep my life in balance fairly well. Occasionally things go one way or awareness of can made a difference in lives,” stated Daggett. Each year the other, but I realize it and get it back. I’ve never been one to need a the ‘Safe and Sober Prom Night’ program offers a t-shirt design contest kick in the pants to get going, but sometimes I need a bit to reign me in. within the schools. A video production competition is also held and For me, keeping family a priority is essential. Because of the time guest speakers, like Bob Anastas of Students Against Drunk Driving constraints that I have, I often combine my activities to use my time (SADD), are invited to share their stories of the dangers of alcohol, wisely. For instance, when our family goes to visit my in-laws in drugs and driving. “I’ve had students come up to Roanoke, Virginia, my wife drives the kids and I ride my me after an assembly and say, ‘No one has bike to Roanoke and meet them there. Then we visit ever gotten through to me, but you and she drives back with the kids and I ride may have today.’ That means a back. We also like hiking. I’ll leave early lot to me,” said Daggett. and ride to Hanging Rock and then my wife and kids will meet me there and The Fourth Anchor: we’ll have a family outing. On Physical Fitness Saturdays, I start out as soon as the There is a saying that sun rises and ride my 70 miles, which ‘you can’t be of benefit takes me 3 hours and 21 minutes, to others, if you don’t then I have the rest of the day to spend take care of yourself.’ with my family,” stated Daggett. Daggett believes in In the grand scheme of things, Daggett got physical fitness, beyond the off to a late start with marriage at 37, but he norm. “I work out at the YMCA and his wife Cindy, a textile scientist and former every morning at 5 AM and I have marketing executive, now stay at home mom, competed in 148 triathlons since I started experienced life through travel and jobs in their 20’s and 30’s, with my first one on a dare in 1982. For most and now time with their children takes precedence over other activities. people who compete in triathlons, they have one of the three stages that One activity that Daggett and Cindy enjoy is teaching the 2 and 3 year they are weaker in, whether that is swimming, biking, or running, but I olds Sunday School at New Philadelphia Moravian Church in Winston- seem to have ‘less weaknesses’ than most, in that I am good at each 14 •
  3. 3. stage. I do enjoy the biking portion the most. The most challenging together. Cindy keeps me informed on what is going on in the world race is the Hawaii Ironman World Triathlon Championship, for which I with my pile of clippings from papers that I need to read. She had a have qualified and competed in five times, along with 12 other Ironman career in the textiles industry with several patents on cold weather gear, competitions,” stated Daggett. In his many triathlons, the Daggett clan but she chose to stay at home with our children and has never looked has been there to cheer Dad on and inspire him to the finish line. back” commented Daggett. Once when Cindy was asked about her favorite trait of her husband’s she answered, “David is a Being a Type ‘A’ perfectionist, and disciplined good protector,” to which Daggett took a degree individual has helped Daggett in athletics as of offense. “Cindy didn’t mention looks, well as his chosen profession of attorney. humor, charm, nothing, but that I was “The discipline that I have in my a good protector. But when I physical life has benefited me pressed the subject, she said, overall with the mind-body ‘When David is around, you connection. Keeping both, the never have to worry. He is mind and the body, strong only there protecting you.’” What strengthens the connection more could a wife, child, between the two. I have a church or client need than a competitive spirit in athletics ‘good protector’? David Daggett and in my professional life. I love is proud and honored to be known the interaction with people and as a ‘good protector’ for all the helping them during what is, for most, ‘anchors’ in his life. the worst time of their lives and giving them counsel to get them through,” Lewis & Daggett Attorneys at Law, P is .A. said Daggett. located at 285 Executive Park Blvd. in Winston-Salem and at 1429 B Westover Terrace in Greensboro. Their phone numbers BEHIND EVERY GOOD MAN… are (W-S) 765-7777 and (GSO) 851-1000. David Daggett has a daily blog where he shares his triathlon experiences along with life’s Everyone knows that behind every good man is an even better woman. experiences: The Safe and Sober For Daggett that is wife, Cindy. After meeting on a blind date over Prom Night web site is The firm’s web site is lunch, Daggett soon realized that Cindy was ‘the one.’ “She is an incredible mom. Her dedication to the family keeps everything