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Nine modes of writing


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  • Nicely done . I would make a separate page that outlines the name for each mode of writing. The seven steps to effective writing are important for each literature piece. I would introduce these steps as an add for each of the nine modes.
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Nine modes of writing

  1. 1. 7 Steps to Effective Writing• Free Writing• Thesis Construction• Topic Sentences• Paragraph Development• Transitions• Introductions and Conclusions• Rough Draft• Peer Review• Final Draft
  2. 2. The Descriptive EssayDESCRIPTION- the mode of writing thatappeals most directly to the senses byshowing us the physical characteristicsof a subject
  3. 3.  Ex. What it looks like, or how it sounds, smells or tastes. A good Description shows us characteristics; it doesnt just tell us about them. Description is especially useful and ABSTRACT or vague subject-- such as freedom or truth or death -- more CONCRETE or definite
  4. 4. Descriptive Essay Template• The main physical characteristics of a X ______, ______,and _______.• From the perspective of _____, however, X could be described as_____.• In some ways, namely _____, X resembles ____; but inothers ways, X is more like _____.• X is not at all like ______.• Mainly because of _____ and _____, X give the impressionof being _____.• From this description of X, you can see that ______.
  5. 5. The Classification EssayClassification- the mode of writing thatorganizes things into categories andprovides examples of items which fit intoeach category
  6. 6. The Process Analysis EssayPA- the mode of writing that breaksdown a process into a sequence ofactions that lead to an end result,explaining how.
  7. 7. The Definition EssayDefinition- An essay form which describeswhat something is and what it is not. Thesubject could be concrete objects orabstract concepts including loyalty, love,or political messages.
  8. 8. The Exemplification EssayEXEMPLIFICATION : uses one ormore cases, or examples, toillustrate or explain a generalpoint or an abstract concept.
  9. 9. Using Examples Use Examples to Explain Use Examples to Clarify Use Examples to Add Interest Use Examples to Persuade
  10. 10. Exemplifying Template About X, it generally can be said that ______ ; a good example would be ______. The main characteristics of X are _____ and _____,exemplified by _______, ________, and _______. For the best example(s)of X, we can turn to _____. Additional examples of X include____, ______, and ______. From these examples of X, we can conclude that ____.
  11. 11. The Cause / Effect EssayCAUSE / EFFECT - An essay form which probesand analyzes into the causes (rationale,reasoning and background reasons) along withthe effects (consequences, effects andoutcome) for a particular event, happening,condition or behavior.
  12. 12. The Narrative Essay• Narrative writing tells a story; it reports “what happened.”• There is a big difference between having something happen and writing about it, between an event and telling about an event.
  13. 13. • Plot• Narrator• Setting• Point Of View• Your Purpose• Your Audience
  14. 14. Template for Narrating• This is a story about ______.• My story takes place in ____ when _____.• As the narrative opens, X is in the act of _____.• What happened next was_____, followed by____ and _____.• At this point, ______ happened.• The climax of these events was _____• When X understood what had happened, she said “_____.”• The last thing that happened to X was ______.• My point in telling this story is to show that ______.
  15. 15. The Argumentation EssayArgumentation- An essay form whichinvestigates a topic, collects, generates,and evaluates evidence, andestablishes a position on the topic in aconcise and logical manner.
  16. 16. The Compare / Contrast EssayCOMPARE / CONTRAST - An essay formwhich compares two or more things,evaluating their similarities and differences.Compare / Contrast essays are anexcellent mode to introduceargumentation.